Canton of the Canyons Ball 1981

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Location: Canyons
Date: 12/12/1981

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From the Crown Prints

Event Chronicle by Lavendar of Lorne
On December 12th, the Canton of the Canyons Ball took place in a spacious hall festively adorned with holly and a small tree which smalls--appropriately!--decorated during the afternoon while their elders took advantage of a dance class and an enticing Christmas sale.

The evening festivities commenced with enthusiastic dancing and delectable refreshments, and the convivial company participated in numerous contests while awaiting the traditional visit of Father Christmas. Baroness Natalya took first place for carolling, and a noteworthy second was shared by Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme and Rhyance Llew ap Llewellyn who convulsted the company by determinedly singing the lyrics of "Deck the Halls" to the air of "Men of Harlech"!

A much anticipated event every year, especially by the ladies, is the competition to be named the possessor of the best male leg. This year's competitors ranged in age from gentlemen in their prime to a contender of two years old, Master Ian Ban. After much examinatin, the ladies selected lord Calvain as possessing the most shapely extremities, awarding him an exquisite jewelled garter, and an equally leggy Alexandre le Bonhomme was honored for wear the costume which best depicted "Winter." Best use of mistletoe was adjudged to be Selene of the Sable Fox's portable version--mistletoe dangling by string from a wand. The heraldry contest was won by Charles of the Red Oaks, Angels' Seneschal.

Mistress Signy displayed her skill on the harpsichord, and eight members of the Madrigal Consort sang six numbers, including two in Italian, before the dramatic entrance of Father Christmas. This year's visitor had a decidedly scarlet tinge to his locks1 as well as his complexion, as he cheerfully dispensed coal to the wicked: all the ex-seneschals, of which there were a remarkable number present. The virtuous were suitably commended, dandled, fondled, etc., by the amiable guest before he took his leave (there was lots of greenery about) and so departed.

Speaking of greenery, a notable hit of the evening on the dance floor was the country dance "All in a Garden Green" which we predict will sweep the kingdom. Its popularity seems assured as one spends most of one's time either kissing or being kissed by the members of one's set. Lamentably, many suffered from various stages of plague2 and had to restrict themselves to kissing hands.

The hall was made orderly in record time and the guests--the plague-stricken, the healthy, the old, the young, the wicked, the virtuous, the exhausted, and the merely footsore--wended their way homeward exercised, entertained, and replete.

1 Duryn the Red
2 Refers to colds and flu, NOT the Other Kind of (Authentic) Plague


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