Caidan Rapier Open 2009

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Her Majesty, Queen Mora presided over the event's courts.

Don Angus le Todde Mac Donnell won the "uber-elf" list to become Caid Rapier Open Champion. He fought this day for Duchess Kolfinna kottr.

Most of the fighters fought for the honor of Duchess Kolfinna, a few choosing to fight for Duke Sven Örfhendur. Frequently one could hear a shout, "For Sir Kolfinna!" or "For Their Graces!" Our hope was that they could "hear" our dedications and draw strength from our strength.


From the Crown Prints

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hear ye, Hear ye! All rapier fighters, you are called to the shores of Lyondemere to participate in the annual Caid Rapier Open. Our current champion wishes the day to be full of fighting, so the list to determine the next champion will be an "uber-elf" style tournament. This means fighters will be divided into pools. Each fighter will face all fighters in their pool with each weapon form (single sword, baton, buckler, cloak, then dagger. Extra secondaries will be available for loan if you need them.)


Location: Cal State University Long Beach - South Campus Lawn (upper Quad area), 1250 Bellflower Blvd., Long Beach, CA, 90840

The site is not overly sprawling, and has many shade-providing trees. But, because the lawn is broken, field-side locations are very few. If you wish a space along the list field, please send your request and the footprint of your pavilion to THLady Meala Caimbeul at - Priority will be given to geo-political groups before households and individuals.

Merchants are possible; please contact Lord Andreu Miller, noe @ for further details.

There are no restrictions on food, but BBQs are not allowed. If you don’t want to pack food, there is an on-campus food court (Panda Express, Subway, Carls Jr., Taco Bell, El Pollo Loco, Sabarro's, etc.).

This is a dry event - alcohol is not permitted in the public areas of campus.

Schedule of the Day

Right now there is only the Kingdom Rapier Championship list scheduled. If you want to run something – an alternate list, art display, informal class, or even a donation lunch – contact THLady Meala Caimbeul at rapieropen09 @

  • 8:00 AM – Site Opens
  • 9:30 AM – Lists Open
  • 10:00 AM – Court begins (or at the time of Their Majesties and/or Excellencies pleasure)
  • Lists close 20 minutes after the close of Opening court
  • Closing Court will be held shortly after the conclusion of the Rapier Champion list
  • 8:00 PM – Site Closes

Event Steward

  • Event Steward: THLady Meala Caimbeul, rapieropen09 @
  • Site Coordinator: Lord Andreu Miller, noe @
  • Lists Questions: Don Colyn macLabhruinn, Baron @

Site Fee

For parking policies, go to Parking Policies). The regular parking fee is $6. Read ALL CSULB Signs BEFORE Parking!

Directions and Parking

From the North: Take the 405 South to Bellflower Blvd. (South). Turn left at the end of the off ramp. Make an immediate right at Bellflower Blvd., heading south. Drive approximately 3 miles to7th /Seventh Street. (You will pass the Bellflower entrance to campus). Turn left on to 7th / Seventh Street. Turn left at the third light: East Campus Drive. Directions for what to do once you are on campus are provided below.

From the South: Take the 405 North to the 7th Street exit. Turn right on to East Campus Drive. Directions for what to do once you are on campus are provided below.

If you are coming from the 605 South: Take the 7th Street exit and turn right onto East Campus Drive. Directions for what to do once you are on campus are provided below.

Once you are on East Campus Drive: Drive past the gate and head towards parking Lot 8. Just south of this lot is a road that will allow you access to drive on to the campus. To unload, drive down this road and work your way to the left / South side of the quad area. We can only drive on the pavement; please do not drive on the grass. After unloading, you MUST park in the parking lots. For some lots, you will need to purchase a parking pass. Read ALL CSULB Signs BEFORE Parking!

Official Event Info


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