Black Rose Ball 1990

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Location: Angels
Date: 02/10/1990

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From the Crown Prints

(Personal information removed) Les Soeurs de Beaumont, under the protection of her most supreme Excellency Baroness Alinor and the fair Barony of the Angels be leave to present The de Beaumont Black Rose Ball and Bash, Saturday, February 10, 1990, General Farnsworth Park, Pasadena.

You are hereby invited to join us in an evening of dancing and merriment in one of Caid's most beautiful halls. The famed Gyldenholt Merrymakers will provide the live music for your happy feet, the board will groan with punch and goodies to refresh you, games will divert those too shy to dance, and glitz galore will dazzle your eyes. Truly a feast for the senses! The dances will not be taught during the Ball; all gentles are encouraged to attend the Dance Collegium and/or practice that afternoon. Anyone who brings their banner to adorn the hall will be smiled upon! Please do!

The cost will be $4.00 prior to Feb 1st, $5.00 thereafter and at the door. Please make checks out to SCA-BARONY OF THE ANGELS and send to the chief autocrat, Lady Alatiel de Beaumont of Reading-wood.


  • 3 pm Hall opens for practice
  • 5:30-7pm Dinner break
  • 7 pm Hall opens for dancing till 10 pm
  • 10 pm Clean-up; hall closes 11 pm.

Please note the site is DRY

No court! Hall awards! Dance Cards! Blind Man's Bluff! More! See you there!


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