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Location: Glendora Masonic Center, 135 North Valley Center Avenue, Glendora, CA 91741-3067
Date: 12/15/2012


Event Staff

Stewards: Baron Peter Cadarn, Lord Gerrit d'Orleans

From Their Excellencies

As we run pell mell into the last couple of days before Christmas and the New Year, we would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to the following members and friends of Angels for their help and support of the Barony of Angels' Yule 2012:

Likewise, to everyone who provided entertainment including Lady Petronilla de Chastelerault, the lady Abigail, Lord Nikolaos Phaistios, Lady Arianna Foxford, THL Catharine Hawkwod da Barbiano, Lady Muirgen ingen Ailella and our new Seraph Bard, Lady Angharat Goch verch Gwenhover

We also offer our congratulations to:

Huzzah to all!

If we have forgotten anyone, we are truly sorry as it is our intention to thank everyone for the time and effort they contribute to the Barony and to the SCA. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! -- Peter and Gabrielle

From the Crown Prints

Event Stewards: Baron Peter Cadarn, Lord Gerrit d'Orleans.
Location: Glendora Masonic Center, 135 North Valley Center Avenue, Glendora, CA 91741-3067

Angel’s Yule- An Arthurian Christmas
Come join the Barony of the Angels as we celebrate the Season with games, laughter, entertainment and food! The theme this year is an Arthurian Christmas based on the Yuletide celebrations of 5th Century Britain.

Site: Glendora Masonic Center, 135 North Valley Center Avenue, Glendora, CA 91741-3067

From the West: Take your favorite route to the 210 Fwy East (towards San Bernardino). Exit at South Lone Hill Avenue (Exit 44). Turn left onto South Lone Hill Ave. Turn Left onto East Foothill Blvd. Turn right onto N. Valley Center Avenue.

From the East: Take your favorite route to 210 Fwy West (towards Pasadena). Exit South Lone Hill Avenue. Turn right onto South Lone Hill Ave. Follow directions above.

12:00pm Site Opens
2:00pm Opening Court
3:00pm Dinner and Bardic competition
6:00pm Closing Court
9:00pm Site Closes

Site fee is $8 for members, $13 for non-members. Children 5 and under are guests of the Barony.

The Barony will be providing delicious tri-tip and turkey for the populace with the purchase of their site token. In return the barony asks that guests contribute an Appetizer, Main Dish, Salad, Side Dish, or Dessert that feeds 8-10 to the potluck. Please feel free to bring your specialties or, if you are stumped, consult the list below:
SCA First Name A-D: Appetizers (breads, cheeses, dips);
SCA First Name E-H: Salads (wet or dry);
SCA First Name I-L: Main Dish;
SCA First Name M-P: Side dishes (hot or cold);
SCA First Name Q-Z: Dessert.
There will be plugs available for heated serving dishes. Please supply your own serving utensils. Make sure everything is labeled and provide a list of ingredients for the allergy stricken.

Food Contest:
Because there are so many wonderful cooks that bring food to Angels' events, this year there will be a contest in each of the food categories listed above for best tasting dish. (If you really, really don't want to be a part of the contest, please let us know) Please bring a card with the list of ingredients. There will be prizes!

Bardic Competition-
There will be a No Holds Bardic competition to determine the new Angels Bardic champion for the year. If you would like to enter please send an email to Angels’ A&S Minister, Lady Arianna Foxford at before December 1 to sign up. Both groups and individuals are invited to perform and you do not need to enter the contest to perform. We ask that you do, however, make your piece family appropriate.

Table Decorating Competition-
Angels will be hosting its annual table decorating competition. Entries will be judged directly after court. Prizes for themed and non-themed tables will be awarded.

Dessert Competition-
The dessert competition will be judged for period and non-period entries. Please make sure your entry will serve at least 6 portions (more for the potluck is always encouraged!)

Ornament Raffle-
Homemade or purchased ornaments are welcome as donations to the ornament raffle. Each person who donates an ornament will receive one raffle ticket and additional tickets may be purchased throughout the event for $1.00. The ornaments will be distributed before closing court.

Games Competition-
Games and More Games - Angels' Gaming Champion will be chosen at Yule and will be hosted by the current Games Champion, Lord Reinhardt in a format of his choosing.

Toys for Tots Drive-
Times are hard, but explaining to a child why they don’t have any presents during the holidays is even harder. The Angels Yule Toys for Tots drive has raised hundreds of dollars worth of Holiday Joy over the past few years for children who may not otherwise get presents. Please bring any unwrapped, unopened new toy to donate. These toys will be donated to the Midnight Mission in downtown LA.

Event Stewards:
Baron Peter Cadarn, Lord Gerrit d'Orleans. Please contact the co-stewards at with any questions. We look forward to celebrating with you!


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