Angels Thanksgiving Dinner 1976

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Location: Lyondemere
Date: 11/xx/1976

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From the Crown Prints

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Under the skillful direction of Viscountess Bevin Fraser of Stirling, Lady Gabrielle nicChlurain and Lord Cedric the Dark, yet another feast was rendered at Thanksgiving. Using a nice, large hall (furnished with the help of the lady Alice, Gabrielle's mother), tables were arranged in a T-shape with the head tables FULL of food. Attire ran from medievals (Alacya Daveraugh and family), modern Scottish (Lady Lyrel-Phillipa of Eden's Hall), to full evening dress (tuxedo, Lord Cedric the Dark and Lady Fiona.

The menu included hot coffee, hot mulled cider, Gwydioan's Mead, cold yoghurt soup, sausage stuffing (Bevin), noodle stuffing (Lord Gwydioan and Lady Anna McAyre of Gorabh, cranberry & banana relish (Viscountess Bevin), cranberry chutney (Lady Fiona), rolls & butter, tomato preserves (Lady Gabrielle), turkey (of course!), peas (Lord Cedric), gooseberry pie and pumpkin pie (Lady Gabrielle), and I'm sure I've left something out! What a dinner!

After dinner, we watched slides from the quest, compliments of the lady Alice. Viscountess Bevin had brought medieval music and Irish pipe music for accompaniment during the meal. It was a lovely evening, and yes, we left everything cleaner than when we found them -- especially our plates!

Written by Brynnda of Starre

(Brynnda of Starre was a pseudonym used by Natalya de Foix for Crown Prints articles)


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