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(From the December 1976 issue of Crown Prints - Personal information omitted)

Angels Council Meeting and Christmas Revel will be held on Saturday, December 18, at House Opal Cross, the home of Lady Catriona nicChlurain. The Council meeting will begin promptly at 3:30 pm and will end one hour later. Please business only. You do not have to attend the meeting if you wish to come only for the revel. There will be a pot-luck dinner. PLEASE call Lady Catriona and tell her what dish you would like to bring.

There will be a Gift Exchange (bring a gift that should cost ABSOLUTELY NO MORE THAN $5.00, wrapped but not tagged. All gifts will be placed under the tree and an exchange will take place according to lot. Please bring something you would like to receive so that all participants will get something nice.) Also, please bring a hand-made decoration for the tree. For further details, call Lady Catriona.

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

(Personal information removed)

TOGETHERNESS; (Or How Lady Catriona Squeezed 83 People Into Her Home!

The Annual Angels Christmas Party and Baronial Council Meeting was held on 18 December and was certainly a great success, judging by the number of folke who attended. Visiting dignitaries included Mistress Louise of Woodsholme, Cardinal Bulchetti (Lord Cameron of Caladoon), Lady Giesele Hildegaard of the Mystic Dragon and Lord Renfield. After a swift and well-run Council meeting (thanks to Lady Gabrielle nicChlurain and Lord Alewaulfe the Red, the reveling began.

"Cocktails" ran the gamut from beer and wine to Lord Thelin von Kallenbach's Wassail and Lord Gwydioan's mead. There is absolutely NO truth to the rumor that the Calafian Army is going to invade Lyonesse and steal our two best brewers! Some of the goodies on the two groaning tables were

After stuffing finishing dinner and allowing it to digest, the Gift Exchange began with Lord Renfield running the show aided and abetted by Lady Fiona (honest, we didn't rehearse!) It was easy to tell them apart--Renfield was the one with the large green bow on his forehead; Fiona had the pink one. The gits were, on the whole, really beautiful, including a set of four mugs with glass bottoms, four Irish Coffee mugs, a dagger, two Alicia Austin mirrors, an Armetale tankard, a black and gold headress, trim, jewelry, candles, etc. The dagger, mirrors and tankard passed hands so many times that it is difficult to remember who got what, but we have it on the best authority that Viscount Sir Morven of Carrick is the proud possessor of a new dagger and the infant son of Melanie de la Flamme has a new mirror for his bedroom, while Lady Sine nicChlurain has a new tankard, compliments of her SCA sister Lady Gabrielle. The Gift Exchange was finished off with a poem to Prince Martin the Temperate presented by Fredrick of Woodlyn.

Then it was on to more reveling and imbibing and generally sharing the warm Christmas spirit(s). Our thanks to Lady Catriona (is it true that you are going to rent the L.A. Coliseum next year?) for her hospitality and patience with a houseful of people--also thanks to her elves Lady Sine, Lady Cadhla Morag nicChlurain of Tregdin, Pat and Felicia!

--Written by Brynnda of Starre

(Brynnda of Starre was a pseudonym used by Natalya de Foix for Crown Prints articles)


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