Angels/Dreiburgen War 1985

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Location: Gyldenholt
Irvine Regional Park
Date: 09/07/1985

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This Event was held in the Barony of Gyldenholt. There were numerous scenarios with Dreiburgen winning most of the battles but losing the war on the basis of war points given for arts contests and battles combined.

From the Crown Prints

Peace Talks between the Baronies of Dreiburgen and Angels have broken down. Armies are converging upon Gyldenholt. On September 7, AS XX (1985) to do battle.

Yes, due to the failure of peace talks between the Baronies of Dreiburgen and Angels, a war will be held on Saturday September 7, 1985 at Irvine Regional Park in the Barony of Gyldenholt. Both Baronies are encouraging all combatants to join in the war. Many Battles are planed to choose the victorious army.


  • 7:30 am… Setup
  • 8:30 am… Opening Court
  • 9:30 am… First Battle
  • 12:00 pm… Lunch Break
  • 1:00 pm… Continuation of Battles.
  • 4:30 pm… Closing Court


For everyone’s enjoyment, the follwing battlesd and contest are planed. War pointa given for each.

I. Angels vs. Dreiburgen (residents only)
II. Angels plus allies vs. Dreiburgen plus allies
III. Bridge Battle
IV. Resurrection Battle
V. Wooded Battle
VI. Arts and Sciences Contest
VII. Costume Contest

The combined Baronies of Gyldenholt, Angels, Dreiburgen hope that everyone will attened this event. Rember this is a dry site.


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