Altavia Showcase Raffle 2016

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Altavia Showcase Raffle 2016
Location: Altavia
Date: 05/14/2016

A special "Showcase Fund Raiser" with exceptional and hand-crafted items will be held at Altavia Anniversary 2016.

Event Staff

Items & Donor Info

Item Donated by Click on photo for better view
1: Painted Banner Promissory

She will work with the winner in designing either:
A banner (25 inches x 25 inches),
A standard (2 feet x 4 feet long),
Or a gonfalone (24 inches x 36 inches).
THL Fu Ching Lan
2: Handmade Jewelry Set:

Necklace and Earring set made by Altavia's Baroness.
Click on the photo to see the lovely details.
Baroness Cecilia Medici
3 & 4: Set of 12 Customized Thread-Wrapped Buttons Promissory:

2 promissories will be drawn for!!

This style of button was common in all areas of Europe from approx 1550 on,and they are documentable, documentation is available if requested.
Four Styles and two sizes are available.
To provide the best color matching, winner will provide the thread color(s) you prefer.
Lady Maile Fergusson
5: Handmade Pottery:

A chaffing dish: Coals are placed into the bowl and a cook pot goes on top of that. Based off an English medieval example.
A cheese mold which strains the whey away from cheese curds. Based on a Roman cheese mold around 500bc.
And more items have been added, see them at Altavia Anniversary!
Baroness Asakura no Mashime
6: Painted Silk Fan Promissory:

She will personally hand-paint your device onto a lovely silk fan.
Based on a graphic file or paper copy you provide of heraldic device.
Countess Bridget Lucia Mackenzie
7: 11 Sets of Handmade Earrings:

5 tickets will be drawn for this item.
First ticket will get to chose 3 sets, the other 4 will get to chose 2 sets.
These are PAIRS of earrings. I've only shown one of each set in order to fit them all in!
Click on photo to enlarge, and see the lovely detail better.
Earrings are:
1. Silver flat wire triangles spirals with chain dangles on French wires
2. Round glass beads on silver wires with real freshwater pearl drops, on French wires
3. Triangles with amber glass drops, mixed metals on French wires
4. Granular drops inside wire with iridescent glass accents on hinged French hooks
5. Diamond shapes (mixed metals) with metal drops on French wires
6. Clear Czech glass beads with textured accents on silver hinged hoops
7. Czech glass beads with silver and colored wire ring accents, on hinged French hooks
8. Adventurine stone beads with silver beads, on hinged French hooks
9. Czech glass beads on wire with round drops, mixed metals, on hinged French hooks
10. Polished shell beads with gold wire, on French wires
11. Czech glass beads with middle eastern coin drops, on French wires
Lin Rhys
8: Hand Stitched Reliquary Pouch Promissory:

One 5x5 German brick stitch embroidered reliquary pouch in the winner's choice of colors and pattern.
Lady Ylaria Thriepland
9: Caid Cross Scarf:

Soft knit Caid Cross scarf 7" x 72".
Brother D
10: Handmade Tunic Promissory:

She will provide fabric and trim in the colors preferred by the winner and make a handmade tunic similar to the photos.
Baroness Meliora Deverel
11: Archery Arm Guard:

An archery arm guard made by Baroness Cecilia, Baron Cristofanus Castellani, and THL Nickolaus [Niko] Phaistos, Inspector 23, and the Baronial Cutie!
Baroness Cecilia Medici
12: Custom Video Promissory:

He will make a custom video for the winner ... he'll choose the video length, and winner chooses the who, what, when and where.
The style (documentary, "short film", performance filming, or other) is up to the winner.
An example of his SCA video work can be found at:
Agmundr Thotolfsson
13: Original Artwork:

Five paintings commissioned by Mistress Huette Aliza von und zu Ährens und Mechthildberg and created by Lady Sarah Telyn.
They are cartoon representations of former Angels B&B: Damon of the Lake that Flames and Mistral de l'Isle sur Tarn, and their children.
THL Sarah Telyn
14: Custom Pattern Promissory:

She will create a custom PATTERN based on a portrait or existing garment.
Photos show examples of her past pattern work.
Lady Elizabeth Upton
15: Carved Spinning Set:

A Drop Spindle, with carved top whorl.
A Spinning Journal, notebook with a wood cover carved with the 3 Norns and "Spinning Journal" 5.75" x 8.5".
Brother D
16: Handmade Needles Promissory:

3 Handmade Needles (Bone, antler, and/or metal)
Sir Thorin vorðr Ó Séaghdha
17: A Bear in a Chair:

The Teddy Bear is a 20" Plush Gerber Tender Loving Care bear.
The Chair is made of sturdy wood. It's not big enough for a child to sit in, but perfect for this adorable bear!
Baroness Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani
18: Knitting Basket:

A basket of natural yarns and knitting needles.
Yarn: 2 skeins of Peace Fleece blue wool, 2 skeins of sari silk, 1 skein of grey mohair, approx 2 skeins of mixed mohair and worsted, and a skein of lavender wool.
Needles: Size 9 & 11 needles, and size 6 & 8 double point needles.
Lady Melisande McBride
19: Cold Steel Throwing Knife:

An SCA approved Cold Stone Throwing Knife and sheath.
Baroness Cecilia Medici
20: Handmade Pouch:

One of her famous hand sewn wrist purses in the colors of Altavia!
Lady Sárnat ingen meic Caille
21: Raven's Daughter:

She (aka S.P. Hendrick) will autograph a copy of her latest book to the winner!
Baroness Morgaine FitzStephen
22: Handmade Necklace: Tintagel:

It is a sterling silver clasp, raw smoky Quartz, and both keshi and biwa pearls. It is called Tintagel, for I imagine that the raw quartz was taken from the ruins of Tintangel Castle, Where King Athur was born. The pearls are the tears of The Lady Of The Lake. Lovingly made by Muirgein Ingen Ailella, know also as Muirgein of the Mists.

It has two ceramic surprise beads from our beloved Wolf to make it even more magickal!
Lady Muirenn ingen Ailella
23: Handmade Tams:

Handmade for our raffle ... one in the colors of Altavia, another in the colors of Angels, and maybe more!
Baroness Morgaine FitzStephen
24: Enchanted World Book Series:

An excellent Time-Life book series: Enchanted Life is a wonderfully illustrated tour of Magical Beasts, Water Sprites, Wizards & Witches, and more!
THL Matlens Litovka
25: Embroidery:

Cross stitch and beaded piece ready for framing, or to be made into a pillow.
Outside dimensions: 18'x30'
Pattern dimensions: 11" x 16".
Dame Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios

(Donated, but NOT made by, Lynnette)
26: Handmade Necklace & Earring Set:

A handmade silver and amazonite, 24 inch lech necklace with matching earrings, set donated by Country Countess!
Countess Albra Katerine Marie Isabelle Bautiste
27: Scribal Basket:

A basket of scribal supplies.
Scribal Basket:
Ancient Earth Pigments Ink-making Kit (value: $15)
6 peafowl flight feathers to cut into quills (3 right-handed, 3 left-handed)
Ceramic leaf brush & quill rest (from Baroness Cecelia)
The Irene Wellington Copy Book (Calligraphy Lessons)
Young Calligraphers Kit (from Lady Ysenda)
Ancient Earth Pigments Kit (value: $30)
Plastic mixing palette
Handmade water container
Handmade brush holder
11 x 14” Bristol vellum 20-page pad
Foldable Art Case containing:
2 Drawing pencils
6 Colored pencils
5 brushes
Watercolors in pans
Watercolors (gently used) in tubes
Porcelain mixing palette
Instruction booklet
Cute picnic or sewing basket!
Master John ap Griffin


Maestra Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani
28: Mystery Baked Item:

Whatever she feels like baking, with the guarantee that it will be really good!
Ingredients list will be provided.
Lady Monique Marie Sauniere
29: Fabric:

Assorted fabric: There are probably a lot of small pieces and some larger pieces. They should be great fabrics!
THL Medb ingen Echuid
30: Lighting Collection:

A collection of candle holders and other glassware.
THL Selewynn Beltran


THL Sarah Telyn


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