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Location: Veteran's Park, 13000 Sayre Street, Sylmar, CA 91342
Date: 05/12/2012

Event Stewards: Baroness Asakura no Mashi & The Honorable Lady Cecilia Medici

Site Name: Veteran's Park Address: 13000 Sayre Street, Sylmar, CA 91342


  • The event was held in the upper part of the park, near the camping area. It was actually where Anniversary used to be 15+ years ago within the trees. The pavillions were set among the tall trees village style.
  • During the day, there were many activities during the day above the the usual fighting championships. There was a raffle, an A&S display with People's prize for our champion with 57 entries, and an Arthurian Quest that was run by Cormac Mor.

From the Crown Prints

Directions to the event: Take the 210 North (towards Santa Clarita) to the Hubbard exit. Turn right on Hubbard and follow it to Eldridge. Turn left on Eldridge and go to the first stop sign, which is Sayre. Turn right on Sayre and follow it all the way up the hill. Altavia signs will direct you to the event in the park.

Event description: ~ Then was Arthur wroth, and said to himself, "I will ride to the churchyard, and take the sword with me that sticketh in the stone; for my brother Sir Kay shall not be without a sword this day." Book I, Ch. v, Le Morte d'Arthur, Sir Thomas Malory

Salutations good gentles! We invite one and all to come make Altavia’s 29th Anniversary 'Legendary'! We'll be a-questing for Altavian champions in Armored, Rapier, A&S and Youth – So join us May 12, 2012 at Veteran's Park in Sylmar as we as celebrate the 'Legends of King Arthur'!

The tales of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are an amalgamation of history and fact taken from across the centuries and drawn from many cultures. Our theme of the day is basically 'All things Arthurian'.

So come dressed as your interpretation of a character from the tales; Aurthur, Launcelot, Guinevere, Merlin, Morgan le Fay... Sir Epinogris anyone?!! Turn your pavilion into Camelot! Perhaps you are a dreaded Saxon Thegn, or a Roman General? A Fair Maiden in distress? Anything from the Period stories, poems and tales will be welcome!

Both Rapier and Armored Combat tournaments will be single elimination. However, any sort of presentation made to our A&S staff (preferably on the theme) grants a second life! (Much like at Unbelted). Additionally, this presentation can be entered into our A&S competition if so desired.

Our Arts and Science Competition is open to any creative art or science, functional or not; and entries inspired by the Arthurian Mythos are greatly preferred. The Champion on the day will be decided by YOU, as it is a People’s Choice. All entries must be in by 2pm, but voting will run until just before closing court.

`Along with the other championship tourneys (Rapier and Youth), there will be various activities during the day – as well as a raffle – so save your pence and pounds! More details on the day’s activities will be announced in later CP ads and on our website (

Schedule for the Day:

7:00am Site opens
8:00am Populace welcome and gate open
10:00am Opening Court
2:00pm Last of the A&S Entries accepted
3:00pm Contests close
5:00pm Closing Court
6:00pm Site closes

Site fee(s): Site fee is $6 for members with proof of membership, $3 for children 4-12, children under 3 are guests of the Barony. A $5.00 non-member surcharge will apply for non-members over the age of 12.

Make check payable to: SCA Inc./Barony of Altavia

Merchant Information: Merchants are welcome! Fees are your site fees as well as 10% of gross profits, which goes to the park. If you are interested in merchanting, please e-mail event steward for space reservations.


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