Altavia “Principality of Caid” Tournament

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Location: Altavia
Date: 3/1/2003

From the Crown Prints

Principality of Caid Tournament (An historical recreation of an historical recreation)
aka A Tourney of RE-Union
aka Old Time Caid Revisited

March 1st 2003 (AS37)

In honor of Caid’s 25th anniversary, the Barony of Altavia is pleased to present life as it was in AS 12, as Caid became a kingdom.

As original members of the Brotherhood of the Blade, Vicount Sir Morven of Carrick, Sir Charles of Dublin, and Sir Robear du Bois promise you a day filled with remembrances, traditions, and fun.

Ever wanted to know who “Vivian of happy memory” is? How to play “Duke, Duke, Duchess”? What the “Tourney of Union” was? What life was like when the thrones of Caid were ground cloth covered aluminum fold up chairs, a tree was a pavilion, hippy clothes were the height of fashion in the SCA, and jeans were not only permitted in court -- they were common? (Remember, this was before our motto was: “Welcome to Caid. Now get dressed!”)

If so, have we got an event for you! Look though your closets and garages, dust off your early Caid or old Brotherhood of the Blade memorabilia, and bring them once again to tourney. All who were active during Caid’s infancy are encouraged to come help us remember when Caid was young. All who weren’t active then are encouraged to come see Caid’s past come alive again.

We’ll be recreating the presentation of the scroll that requested Kingdom status for the Western Kingdom’s Principality of Caid, so be there when history is made again!

Duke Henrick and Duchess Carol of Bellatrix will be recounting days of yore in the SCA for your enjoyment and edification.

The day will include a traditional Grand March and everyone is encouraged to bring their original banners for the march and to display on at their tree (OK, pavilions will be allowed).


Best authentic AS12 picnic tourney lunch, Identify that person contest, Oldest piece of non-usable armor, Oldest piece of armor still in use, Oldest costume no longer in use, Oldest costume still wearable, No-S***-There-I-Was story contest, Lowest membership number, and other surprise on the spot contests.


As was traditional in AS12, there will be 2 warm up melees before the Lists begin. The first will be an abduction melee. The second will be fighters 37 years old and over vs. fighters 36 old and under -- in celebration of the SCA’s 37 years.

Lists will be single elimination with the winner to declare a “Queen of Love and Beauty”

Single combat challenges will occur in addition to the List events and, who knows, we may actually be able to recreate the finals of the 1st Crown Tournament of Caid. NOTE: In those days the runner up of a Crown Tournament wasn’t titled “King’s Champion”, but instead was nicknamed “The Bridesmaid”!


Traditional AS12 games of Tug-of-war; Duke, Duke, Duchess; and Clench-a-Wench will held in the eric between rounds.


We’ll have a pot luck bardic revel after the tournament. Bring your favorite dish.


Crescenta Valley Park, 3901 Dunsmore Ave. La Crescenta, CA 91214 Directions: Take your favorite route to the 210 freeway and exit Pennsylvania Ave, Go south on Pennsylvania Ave, turn right on Honolulu Ave / Honolulu Place, bear right on Honolulu Ave, turn left on Dunsmore

Site fee

Site fee is $6 for members, $9.00 for non-members. Make checks payable to SCA Inc./Barony of


Please contact the autocrat for details/reservations.

Schedule of the Day

8 am Site opens
10 am Opening Court (includes Grand March)
Lists close 1/2 hour after close of court
5 pm Closing Court
Revel starts 1/2 hour after close of court
11 pm Revel ends


Sir Charles of Dublin and Susan of Dublin

Event Updates will be available on the calendar pages.


Sorry to disappoint: The revel will NOT be at Cristobal’s mother’s house. Additionally, crash space for 40 at one house will NOT be available. (If you don’t know what this means, find out at the tournament!)



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