St. Geronimus Tournament 1988

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Location: Dreiburgen
Jurupa Hills Equestrian Park in Rubidoux
Date: 02/20/1988

Event Staff

Royal Presence

His Majesty Dietrich von Vogelsang


On 20 February 88, A.S. XXII The Barony of Dreiburgen held a Triple elimination tourney, in honor of Saint Geronimus, the patron saint of the Barony. This event was held at Jurupa Hills Equestrian Park in Rubidoux. Approximately 100 people attended and 13 unbelted fighters entered the lists.

From the Crown Prints

Saint Geronimus

This letter was received from Brother Michael of Dreiburgen, and I felt that the populace would find the information to be interesting and helpful.

Blessed be all those who revere the name Saint Geronimus, for his saint day shall soon be upon us.

On February 20. in the XXII year of the Society, the Brethren shall celebrate the festival of St Geronimus, and I openly invite you and yours to join in the gaity of the day. The call to court shall be at 10:00, with the list opening one hour prior.

In addition to the Tournament Lists, there shall be lively games and contests for younf and old. Young Hedgewilliam has promised a memorable quest and says that his employer, the proprietor of the Feathered Mascle Inn, will have Ale and Food enough at a normal price (so bring your pouches laden, and your thirst shall be tredin). Camping is allowed, nay, encouraged for those of you who find the night longing. For a mere $2.00, you pitch where you please. Also please note the site is designed for overnight Equestrians, complete with paddocks and running grounds, so be inspired to bring your best.

The site is the lovely Jurupa Equestrian Campground in Rubidoux (Dreiburgen).


Triple elimination tourney:

Nose Melee:


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From Baron Malcolm Alberic: Sadly this event fell on a day that I had to work so I missed the first half of the day I arrived in time to catch the final rounds of the tournament and I traded my car keys with my mother Drusilla for the rains of her horse so she could take care of event business while I rode back to the ranch.


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