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*King's Champion: Sir [[Valrik MacIan]]
*King's Champion: Sir [[Valrik MacIan]]
*Equestrian: Duke [[Patrick O'Malley of Ulidia]]
*Equestrian: Duke [[Patrick O'Malley of Ulidia]]
*Armored: [[Sextus Furius Pansa]]
*Armored: THL [[Sextus Furius Pansa]]
*Rapier: TBD
*Rapier: Baron [[Angus le Todde Mac Donnell]]
*Unarmored: TBD
*Thrown Weapons: Baron [[Paganus Grimlove]]
*Archery: TBD
*Archery: Baron [[Cristofanus Castellani|Cristophanus Castellani]]
*Thrown Weapons: TBD
*Arts & Sciences: THL [[Jerusha a'Laon]]
*Crossbow: TBD
*Arts & Sciences: TBD

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AlexanderII TahiraII Coronation2020 b.jpg
Alexander II and Tahira II at Their Coronation
Sovereign: Alexander Hostilius Caidis
Consort: Tahira al-Fahida
Caid Crown #: 85
Preceded by: Wilhelm III and Tsyra II
Succeeded by: TBD

85th Crown of Caid.




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