Wolfe von Pater

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Resides: Altavia
Status: Deceased
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed

The Honorable Lady Wolfe Von Pater. Potters' Guild original 2nd member.


German 16th Century Potter and tradeswoman.


Offices & Positions

  • Youth Combat Officer Altavia 05/11/2000-05/14/2003
  • Lady-in-Waiting for Baroness Ælfwyn Wodende in Altavia 05/11/2000-01/08/2005

Event Staff

  • Helped with lunch at Altavia Anniversary in Altavia, 05/13/2000
  • Helped with serving lunch at Angels Anniversary in Angels, 09/11/2004
  • Helped serve and prep Lunch for Investiture of Laertes and Bridget at Twelfth Night in Heatherwyne, 01/08/2005
  • Cook's Luncheon Assistant for Angels Anniversary in Angels, 09/10/2005
  • Helped at the booth at the Bake Sale and Coffee Bar at Pink Ribbon Tournament in Angels, 10/25/2009
  • Helped with various jobs at Altavia Anniversary 2010, 05/22/2010
  • Helped with selling of cups at CP Prize 2011 for the fundraiser being run by the Potters' Guild, 07/2011
  • Helped with selling of cups at Agincourt 2011 for the fundraiser being run by the Potters' Guild, 10/23/2011


Wolfe passed away on December 27th, 2013 of cancer