Winter Weekend 1988

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One afternoon at Winter Weekend
Location: Camp Radford
Date: Jan 1988

Winter Weekend 1988

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints


Giles Hill My site fee was paid by Baron Cameron of Caldoon and Mistress Louise of Woodsholme as a present for my 22nd birthday. For reasons known only to God, I got very, very drunk, and made an ass of myself. I blacked out at some point in the evening, and my antics included (I am told) loud commentary on the manifest charms of various ladies, drunken pursuit of several people, and a rather spectacular regurgitation in the restroom. My life was saved by Mistress Cristobal who sat up the entire night, accepting considerable damage to her gown, to ensure I didn't aspirate anything and continued breathing until dawn. Several months later this resulted in the creation of the Giley, an unofficial recognition given to those who get drunk and throw up on at least one peer at Winter Weekend.


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