Winter Coronation 2004

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Scrolls Presented at Coronation

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Image Preview Award Recipient
Coronation 2004 Fall 9.jpg Court Barony Alewaulfe the Red
Coronation 2004 Fall 3.jpg Duelist Alexander Baird
Coronation 2004 Fall 11.jpg Dolphin Annora verch Llwyd Bryneirian
Coronation 2004 Fall.jpg County Scroll Brand Armand of Lancaster
Coronation 2004 Fall 12.jpg Court Barony Bruce Draconarius
Coronation 2004 Fall 10.jpg Gauntlet Brut von Köln
Coronation 2004 Fall 4.jpg Chivalry Dirk Ivanovich
Coronation 2004 Fall 5.jpg Award of Arms Jeanne Marie Lacroix
Coronation 2004 Fall 8.jpg Award of Arms Kathleen Mahony of Cork
Coronation 2004 Fall 2.jpg County scroll Nuala níc Ailín
SusanOfDublinAoA.jpg Award of Arms Susan of Dublin
Coronation 2004 Fall 7.jpg Crescent Sword Wulfric Thjostolfsson

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