Winter Arts Festival 2006

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Location: Calafia,

Santee Community Center

Date: 12/02/2006

Suzanne Delaplaine was the event Steward.


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From the Crown Prints

We will be celebrating the holiday season and displaying the glorious works of the artisans of Calafia! We will be showcasing baronial guilds as well. If you wish to have a guild display, are interested in teaching a class, or you wish to display your arts (or science), please contact, Lady Abigail Chandler of Caithness. Children and teens should contact Lady Jolie concerning the Youth competition.

Adult members $5, adult non-members $8, children 5-15 $3, and children under 5 are guests of the Barony. Exception: children and teens who bring an art or craft to enter into the Youth Display will also be guests of the Barony. Please make checks payable to “SCA Inc., Barony of Calafia.”

Lunch: We will be serving a German meal around 2:00 p.m. Seating is limited, so a reservation is advised. There will be a feast fee in the neighborhood of $5-$7.

Merchanting: For information, contact Lady Muirrenn. For more information as it becomes available, please follow the link to Winter Arts Festival.


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