Treasure Chest Battles 2010

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Treasure Chest Battles 2010
Location: Nordwache
Date: 04/23/10


From the Crown Prints

Do you like melees? Do you like camping, fighting and shopping on grass beneath beautiful mature trees? Their Excellencies, Sheik Mahmud Ali ben Sinan and Baroness Magge Shaw, along with the Barony of Nordwache, wish to invite all of Caid and the Known World to "Treasure Chest X", to be held April 23rd through April 25th, 2010. We are actively preparing to host the Kingdom for a splendid weekend of camping. There will be torch light tourneys Friday and Saturday nights, various war scenarios and a team melee to claim the Treasure Chest! There will also be Arts & Science classes, merchant shopping and other activities for the populace to enjoy. This year’s event will again include a Thrown Weapons competition, on Saturday afternoon, when the heavy fighting is done.


Battle Scenarios: Open field resurrection 30 minutes; Treasure Chest Melee – five-man teams, no limit on number of knights; two last-man-standing open field battles; two wooded road battles; two last-man-standing woods battles; final woods resurrection battle lasting until the marshal-in-charge is tired! Note, combat archery is allowed in all scenarios except the Treasure Chest melee.


This event will again be held at Kearney Park in Fresno, California. This is a beautiful site with plenty of grassy areas and shade trees. There is a large battlefield with camping locations all around, not a bad camping spot anywhere! This is a public park and we will be locked in at night; however, there will be a Hastings lock on the back gate for us. RV's are allowed in the parking lots; however, there are no RV hookups. Dogs are allowed and must be kept on leash at all times; dog ID tags will be given at troll when you check in. Fires must be at least 12" off of the ground and water and a fire extinguisher should be kept nearby. This is an irrigated grassy site. Please keep tent stakes shorter than 9 inches.


Merchants are welcome and are given prime camping space along the tree line with views of the battlefield. Merchant fee is $10. Paying the merchant fee and the site fee purchases entrance for one merchant and one assistant (total of 2 people). The contact for merchants is the Event Steward.


Entrance into the park is $5.00 per vehicle, which must be paid at the county booth at the time of entry into the park. The Site Fee is an additional $10.00 per person ($5.00 children 6-12) and no more than $30.00 per family. Non-members must pay a $3.00 surcharge. Make checks payable to SCA, Inc.,/Barony of Nordwache.


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