The Household of the Blackened Pot

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Blackened Pot Members at Pennsic 2008
Founded: 1988
Status: Active
Or, a round bottomed cooking pot dependent from a tripod sable

The Household of the Blackened Pot is a service and cooking household in Calafia. Bronwyn McKay Kellough is the current Head of Household.


The Household of the Blackened Pot presented its charter to the Baron and Baroness of Calafia at Calafian Anniversary in 1988. In that charter, their goal was "to provide sustenance for body, mind, and spirit to ourselves and our invited guests."

To celebrate their fifth anniversary, they provided deserts to the populace. To celebrate their tenth anniversary, they fed the populace lunch. To celebrate their twentieth anniversary, they again fed the populace lunch. They received a Baronial Letter of Commendation from Calafia at September Potrero War 2005. The Household sold lunch to the populace at Calafia Anniversary 2006.

The Household has twice won the Siege Cookoff at Potrero War. They have also won, at various times, Best Presentation, Best Single Dish, and Best Use of Ingredients.


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