Starkhafn Toys for Tots Challenge

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Last December, the Barony of Starkhafn proudly donated 60+ toys to Toys for Tots. This year we plan to double that and then some, having set a Baronial goal of 150 toys.

As Toys for Tots coordinators for our Barony, we would like to challenge other local groups in Caid to do better than us and donate more toys.

We recognize that we all have to dig deeper into our pockets each year just to stay afloat, but $10 buys a decent toy at Wal-Mart or the like - that's pretty much the equivalent giving up sodas at work for a week.

If your local group would like to participate and needs any help, we'd be happy to offer assistance. The Marine Corps has drop off locations all over the place and if you call in advance to schedule it, sometimes they can schedule a pickup from your location. The main website is

So - see if you can beat us! We'd love to know that a few more children in Southern California and Nevada got a toy for Christmas, when they might not have otherwise.

In Service, THL Simon Montgumery Mistress Margaret Hepburn