St. Geronimus Tournament 1991

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St Geronimus at Rubidoux.jpg
"There once was a saint named Geronimus

Whose name has become quite synonymous
with fevers unjust
and nasal disgust
His saint-day will soon be upon us!"

Location: Desert March
Cabazon Community Park
Date: 02/09/1991

Saint Geronimus is the patron Saint of the Barony of Dreiburgen.

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Saint Geronimus Tournament was held on February 9, 1991 and was attended by Approximately 150 people

From the Crown Prints

ST. Geronimus Wants You!!

Join the Barony of Dreiburgen in celebrating the feast day of our Patron Saint, Geronimus, with a heavy weapons tournament held on February 9, 1991, at Cabazon Community Center.
There will be contests for fighters and non-fighters, including Best New Miracle, Best New Relic, and Best Artistic Tribute, all about/or to ST. Geronimus. Livening up the days activities will be a Heraldry Contest, a Twyster Game, ant the judging of the Best Desert Garb.
There will be a Helm Auction to raise money for the Baronial coffers. The purchaser of the list winner’s Helm will receive a Middle Eastern belt. The winner of the heavy weapons list will receive an SCA-legal sword and shield (ready to use at Estrella) Made by Lord Ragnor Torbjorn.
In honor of another February “Saint”--Valentine-- all fighters will be asked to present a “Championed-Person-for-the-Day, so marked with a personal favor. If you don’t bring your own champion, consider asking an unattached attendee to bear your favor “for the day”.

Schedule for the Day:

  • 8:00 – Set-up
  • 9:30 – Lists open
  • 10:00 – Opening Court Lists close 15 minuets after end of court
  • 4:00 – Closing Court
  • 4:30 – Revel Begins

There will be a dessert revel in the hall on site. Those who do not wish to travel to local (or not-so local eateries) are encouraged to bring a picnic to eat in the hall.
NOTE: The site is DRY! (with possible site officials visiting)
NOTE: Selling on site is not permitted. (sorry!)


Heavy Weapons Lists:


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