Spring Tournament Dreiburgen 1991

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Location: Dreiburgen
Hunt Park in Riverside
Date: 04/27/1991

Also called Dreiburgen's 50 yard Sprint Tourney

Event Staff

Royal Presences

His Highness Patrick Levi Darkwrath


Dreiburgen Spring Tournament was held at Hunt Park in Riverside on April 27, 1991 and was attended by approximately 120 people including 20 Heavy weapons Fighters and 6 Light weapons fighters.

From the Crown Prints

Dreiburgen's Spriiinnggg Tourney

It's that time of year when the frosty mantle of Winter is thrown off Caid and the fresh joyous air of Spring (the smog hasn't risen, yet) is all around. And we, the fun folks of Dreiburgen, are ready to celebrate the coming of Spring.

So, it is to this end that we announce Dreiburgen's Spring Tourney, on April 27th, 1991, at Hunt Park in Riverside, CA. Lords and Ladies, shed that woolen Winter garb and don the silks and satins of Spring!! And because it is Spring, we will be paying homage to our favorite past-time here in Dreiburgen... (no, not that)... There will be games and contests and the obligatory hacking and slashing. Come and join us for a day of fun and frolic and in the evening, stay for our revel at St. Michael's Episcopal Church. There will be a small site fee of $1.00 for the whole day.

Schedule of Events:

  • 8:00 am Site Opens
  • 10-ish Opening Court
  • 11-ish Fighting Starts

1-ish Lunch Break 5-ish Closing Court 7-ish Revel!!! 11:30 pm Hall closes (negotiable with bribes to the autocrat)

Scheduled Contests:

  • Baron Jonas' Surprise History Quiz (guaranteed to raise eyebrows)
  • Most Decadent Dessert Contest, to include a Story (Those who present a dessert with their site favor at the revel will have their site fee refunded)
  • ... and anything else we can come up with.

For more information contact the Autocrat: Dierdre Ros-Wythe a Dunwyn. Merchants call the autocrat for info on selling.



  • Leave your memories here.


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