Spring Coronation 2013

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Location: Angels
Date: 6/1-6/2/2013

Caid’s 35th Anniversary and Coronation

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Event Staff

Steward: Baron Cormac Mor



Final Court of Mansur and Eilidh

First Court of Sven IV and Cassandra II

From the Crown Prints

Caid’s 35th Anniversary and Coronation - June 1

Come one, come all, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Kingdom of Caid! Join Their Majesties Mansur and Eilidh in the Barony of the Angels as They crown Their Heirs Sven and Cassandra as the 71st King and Queen of Caid.

This auspicious event will be held at the First Congregational Church of Pasadena, a historical and picturesque high gothic cathedral in downtown Pasadena. Dress in your finest garb as there will be plenty of opportunities for photos!

Address: First Congregational Church of Pasadena, 464 E. Walnut St., Pasadena, CA 91101

Parking:General parking will be across the street at Kaiser Permanente’s parking structure. Trailer parking is by reservation only; please contact the event steward, Baron Cormac Mor, for details.

Lunch: There are dozens of restaurants within walking distance. (A map will be provided for your convenience.) In addition, a complimentary dayboard will be provided during the lunch break.

Merchants are welcome on a limited basis by reservation only. Please contact the merchant liaison, Maestra Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani, to reserve your space.

Schedule (subject to change once court begins):

  • 8:00 AM Site opens
  • 10:00 AM Last Court of Mansur and Eilidh
  • 1:00 PM Lunch Break
  • 2:00 PM Coronation Court
  • 3:00 PM First Court of Sven and Cassandra
  • 6:00 PM Site closes

Site fee: $15 plus $5 NMS. If you pay for Queen’s Champion ($5) the same day, the NMS only applies once. (The fee for Queen’s Champion on site on Sunday will be $7.00.)

Event Steward: Baron Cormac Mor


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Image Preview Award Recipient
IMG 20130608 211422 251.jpg Dolphin (front) Aran Darkhelm
June Coronation 2013 143.JPG Laurel Aliskye Rosel
June Coronation 2013 146.JPG Laurel Asakura Machime
June Coronation 2013 161.JPG Lux Caidis Beathog nic Dhonnchaidh
June Coronation 2013 186.JPG Harp Argent Bridget Lucia Mackenzie
June Coronation 2013 171.JPG Harp Argent Bryce ap Morgan ap Martin
June Coronation 2013 161.JPG Lux Caidis Domhnall mac Pharlain
June Coronation 2013 169.JPG Award of Arms Douceline de la Hay
Eilidh County Scroll.jpg County Eilidh na Tire Dharigh
June Coronation 2013 179.JPG Crescent of Caid Elizabeth Greene
June Coronation 2013 199.JPG Award of Arms Fergus O'Fey
June Coronation 2013 212.JPG Harp Argent Guenevere Marian Coe
June Coronation 2013 190.JPG Award of Arms Gwenhwyvar verch Owein
June Coronation 2013 159.JPG Crescent Sword Helga gylðir
June Coronation 2013 205.JPG Harp Argent Helgi hrafnfæðir
June Coronation 2013 168.JPG Award of Arms Iague Margoni
June Coronation 2013 192.JPG Dolphin Ketill rauðskeggr
June Coronation 2013 166.JPG Award of Arms Lijss van den Kerckhove
June Coronation 2013 182.JPG Harp Argent Lorenz Wieland
June Coronation 2013 172.JPG Dolphin Lot Ramirez
June Coronation 2013 175.JPG Dolphin Madeleine Ashbury
Mansur County scroll.jpg County Mansur ibn al-Sha'bi ibn Rafi'
June Coronation 2013 198.JPG Dolphin Mary Taran of Glastonbury
June Coronation 2013 164.JPG Award of Arms Matheus le Vaus
June Coronation 2013 207.JPG Crescent Sword Matheus le Vaus
June Coronation 2013 195.JPG Harp Argent Morgaine FitzStephen
June Coronation 2013 155.JPG Crescent of Caid Quintin Phelan
June Coronation 2013 206.JPG Award of Arms Robert John of Cedar Wood
June Coronation 2013 157.JPG Dolphin Robert John of Cedar Wood
June Coronation 2013 201.JPG Award of Arms Svana Laransdottir
June Coronation 2013 151.JPG Award of Arms Tezar of Aeolis
June Coronation 2013 208.JPG Harp Argent Thomas Bordeaux

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