Scribal Arts

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The Scribal Arts are primarily concerned with calligraphy and illumination but also cover paper making, paper marbling, bookbinding and paleography (the study of medieval writing).

One of the primary applications for calligraphy and illumination is the production of award scrolls. Most of the awards given in the Kingdom of Caid come with the option of requesting a scroll from the office of the Scribe Armarius. Requested award scrolls then go on a list and scribes may pick assignments from the list. Scribes may also put assignments on the list after checking with the Scribe Armarius to see if they are available.

Award scrolls are viewed as "legal" documents and are signed by the King and Queen and sealed with the Great Seal of Caid. Scrolls that contain heraldic armory (coats of arms) are also signed by the Crescent Principal Herald and sealed with the Crescent Herald's seal.

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