Sadhbh inghean Uí Chonghail

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Bantiarna Sadhbh inghean Uí Chonghail
Resides: Currently of Barony of Castlemere, Kingdom of Trimaris

Originally of Western Seas

Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Sable, a bull's head caboshed within an orle argent.

Sadhbh inghean Uí Chonghail has been floating around the SCA since 1989, flitting from Kingdom to Kingdom until returning to the island of her birth within Kingdom Caid, and the Barony of Western Seas. Committing herself in August 2014 Sadhbh quickly became a contributing member of the Western Seas.

Sadhbh is a crafty sort, skilled in needlework both by hand and machine. Her interests range from embroidery to cross stitch to quilting and even beading (both fine jewelry and clothing). Also in love with communications and sharing her passions, Sadhbh brings her modern skills in writing, editing, web development, publishing, and marketing into service. She has a particular interest in her cultural and ancestral heritage from France and Ireland - specifically Northern Ireland (circa 1600, Antrim, Down, Armagh, Tyrone, and Derry).


War and Peace Tempered by Justice

Latest News

Winter 2021: During the break from academia, Sadhbh starts making big plans for her situation within Trimaris and Castlemere. A new gown is in the works, along with a new level of commitment. Is this the last she will post within the Compendium Caidis?

Summer 2021: The heat, humidity, and storms find Sadhbh settling into Castlemere. A jaunt to one of the first events within the Kingdom of Trimaris after the plague restrictions are loosened, Sadhbh drags her mundane cousin to meet the King and Queen.

Winter 2020: Yule is spent with a cousin in Jacksonville, Florida. Sadhbh stirs and finds she actually likes the view of the sea from this area. She decides this will be her new home. Although she still has over a year to finish earning her degree in Georgia, she takes steps to introduce herself to the Barony of Castlemere.

August 2020: Arrived in Meridies, but the focus is on education. The horseless carriage dies - literally - upon the macadam of the campus. Involvement in Meridies must be put to the wayside.

Spring 2020: PLAGUE! Despite circumstances, plans move onward for Sadhbh's scholarly endeavors. She journeys now from the Kingdom of Atlantia to more southerly climes. First, a round-a-bout into the mountains.

Fall 2019: A decision has been made. A return to scholarly endeavors for a pedigree will commence. Sadhbh is to enter the hallowed halls of one Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia in the next Fall season. Research begins into the kingdoms of Meridies and Trimaris.

March 2019: After some consideration, Sadhbh will travel further eastward on her adventures. Her heart will always belong to Western Seas as she carries the aloha of her homeland within her. She will journey across the lands with the speed of Greyhounds beginning on the Day of Fools (this is not a prank), and stop once again when she sees the eastern coastline of the Kingdom of Atlantia.

January 2019: Sadhbh has wandered from her home in Western Seas and has landed within the territory of Starkhafn. She is currently deciding whether to stay put or move onward to other realms.


Sadhbh's birth date is Beltane of 1475 (15th century). She is Irish with (perhaps) a touch of French as her father is unknown. She carries her maternal grandfather's name, Conghal. (...more to come...)

Offices & Positions

  • Baroness (Banbharun, Irish Gaelic) - Consort to Sir Valeran do Pico, winner of the 2017 A&S Baronial Tournament, 09/2017 - 10/2018
  • Baronial Chronicler, The Runestone, Barony of Western Seas, 11/2015-03/2019
    • [Runestone] digital issues on the Barony's website
  • Baronial Webwright - Barony of Western Seas, 11/2014 - 05/2019
  • Gold Key: Managing the Baronial loaner garb and items, ended 01/2019
  • Guild Leader, Stitches in Time: Sewing guild specializing in garb and embroidery, ended 01/2019

Event Staff

Competitions & Awards

  • 2017 William Blackfox; Best Special Edition; Commendation, "50th Year Special Edition" of The Runestone

Projects & Publications

  • Marketing & social media strategy planning for Barony and Cantons, 11/2015 - 01/2019
  • Migration, redesign, and content creation for all Baronial and Canton websites into a new content management system (WordPress), 11/2015-03/2019
  • Redesign with new layout and re-purpose of Barony Newsletter, The Runestone, 11/2015 - 02/2016
  • Complete redesign of Baronial and Canton websites in static code with mobile responsiveness, 11/2014 - 01/2015
  • Simplification of layout and design of Barony Newsletter, The Runestone to GoogleDocs 09/2018 - 01/2019

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