Rogue Squad

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Founded: Unknown
Status: Active
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The Rogue Squad is a specialist unit in Rapier Corps of Caid to allow fighters to work independently in a fashion better suited to individuals but still train and be designated as an official unit, with a commander, that can be utilized within the structure of the army as a whole. Members of the Rogue Squad generally act as behind-enemey-line infiltration (Ninjas), Direct attack and disruption (Pirates), or single person overwatch and support (Rangers).

The current Rogue Squad includes members from the previous collection of fighters who fought under that name. As such the Rapier Corps recognizes the new Rogue Squad as a continuation of the original Rogue Squad, although due to current Rapier Corps standards an official commander was established.

The Rogue Squad received Crossed Swords on 05/25/2003 from TRM Gerhart and Una.

Unit-Commanders of the Caid Rogue Squad