Potrero War Spring 2007

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Potrero War Logo.jpg
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Location: Calafia,

Potrero County Park

Date: 05/24/2007 - 05/28/2007

The event Stewards were Lord Farlin of Glenn Ord and Lady Rhiannon MacCormick.


  • This was the first Potrero War to open on Thursday.

From the Crown Prints

The drums of war beat once again in the southern barony of Calafia! We wish to extend our invitation to attend May Potrero War to all the known world.

New things are afoot this time around! The site will be opening a day early on Thursday and combat will begin on Friday. For more information please go to http://www.potrerowar.org for the latest news and updates on the war.

This Wars Art Auction proceeds will be divided between Potrero Park and the Kingdom to help refill the Kingdom coffers that sustained a big loss last year. We are asking for donations of art from our artisans throughout Caid to help in this endeavor to benefit our Kingdom.

Event information:

Sponsored by the Barony of Calafia

Site opens at 10 am Thursday, May 24 2007

Site closes at 12 pm Monday, May 28 2007

Make checks payable to the SCA, Inc / Barony of Calafia


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