Ovrynka Gaylis

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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Calafia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per pale indented purpure and argent semy of chalices vert, a pantheon rampant contourny argent mullety of seven points vert and a cockatrice wings displayed sable.
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Ovrynka Gaylis became a companion of the Order of the Gilded Thimble at Winter Arts 2023.

Offices & Positions



Arts and Sciences

After attending a few fighter practices, I saw an armored fighter wearing a t tunic that inspired me to make a t tunic for Lord Lucius Blackledge le Scott and after having worn store bought garb for my first year in the SCA, I felt compelled to make my own garb. Having participated in the SCA for a year, I also found myself being inspired by garments worn by other people in the SCA.


I attended Medieval Marketplace in November 2022, where I found three different types of trim and several yards of purple, brown, and green plaid linen/rayon blends. In March 2023, I attended a tunic making class through the Corvus War Band and instead of making a fighter’s tunic as being taught in the class, I took the pattern provided and made it my own to make a handsewn dress with long, flowy sleeves. I then took the other trim to Joann’s Fabric to match it with cotton fabric, as it was on sale at the time, to make a t tunic and another handsewn dress for Spring Coronation 2023 as inspired by the armored fighter, and a handsewn Viking inspired dress for Arts in the Park with slits on the sides to allow for breathability after learning that cotton was not as breathable as originally thought to be.

Also in March 2023, Lord Lucius and I volunteered to help with an SCA demo at the High Desert Pirate Festival where Lady Roe Bretzke introduced me to the art of inkle looming, which inspired me to make matching belts out of cotton crochet thread for my and Lord Lucius’ Spring Coronation 2023 garments as well as for our Fall Crown Tournament garments. I found more trim at Spring Coronation 2023 for garments for Fall Crown Tournament 2023 as inspired by the device colors for, myself, Lord Lucius, and his consort, Lady Alianora MacMahan. Our Fall Crown Tournament 2023 garments were also made from cotton, inspired by Roman chitons, and the need to stay cool in the hot Las Vegas sun. Having excess fabric, and after watching Cinderella and realizing our colors matched that of Cinderella’s stepfamily, I decided to make favors to go with our garments as well. Inspired by our device colors once again I made our garments for Spring Crown 2024 out of the unused device colors. As the tournament was set to be cold and rainy, additionally I made muffs to keep our hands warm out of the leftover fabrics.

At Altavia Anniversary 2023, I found more trim to pair with the brown and green plaid linen/rayon blends I found at Medieval Marketplace 2022 to make my first Viking outfit for the Vista Viking Festival in September 2023. I bought the snake pins from Amazon and the beads, jewelry wire, and end bar from Joann’s Fabric to make the festoons. Because I was only making an apron with the brown linen/rayon fabric, I decided I had enough fabric to make a matching tunic (9) for Lord Lucius for Leif Erickson 2023. At Leif Erickson, Duchess Staeina taught me some pointers on embroidery when I expressed my awe of her work and fueled my plans for a future garment. The two embroidery pieces I created so far have a combination of stem, outline, detached chain, chain, satin, split, long and short blending, and web stitching.

Having loved the feel of our linen outfits for Leif Erickson, I decided to experiment with facing/collar shapes and make matching tunics for myself and Lord Lucius with the linen I bought on sale Joann’s in June 2023 to wear at Dreiburgen Anniversary 2023.

I hand sewed all my personal garments using back stitching as I thought this would be the most authentic way to make garb and I did not trust the sewing machine to not bunch up on me. I also hand sewed all the trim using a running stitch on the garments as well as I felt machine sewing would cause the thread to be visible. All the t tunics (3, 7, 8, & 11) follow the pattern provided by the Corvus War Band minus the shape of the facing/collar.

Inkle Looming

In between making garments for events, I was also actively making belts just for fun. I made about twelve belts before I decided to take it up a notch with tablet weaving, which did not work in my favor, at which point, pick-up weaving was suggested to me by Baroness Amabel Radleigh. For inkle looming, I found a picture online of the design I desired to make, watched a video on YouTube on how to warp a loom and how to finish a project on the loom, and figured it out from there. For pick-up weaving, I found a website with instructions on how to warp a loom for pick-up weaving and how pick-up weaving works, then proceeded to warp a pattern from another picture I found online.