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The Orkneys and Sir Yaroslav at Angels' Melee
Founded: 1991
Status: Active
The Orkney Warband

The Orkneys are a warband in the kingdom of Caid and more specifically located in the barony of Calafia. The 'mundane' real map position would be in the San Diego, California, USA area.

The Orkneys are a Dark Ages "Special Forces" unit. They pride themselves on their egalitarian republic of highly skilled warriors. Not your typical master-servant relationship as some of the other warbands and households throughout the "Known World". They don't do a lot of the annoying off the field bossing you around type-stuff. They want everyone to have the freedom to go out & explore the SCA and have fun doing it. Party like a rock-star or sit by the fire and get mellow - nobody cares. Whatever turns you on. Just so long as you're not stopping others from having a good time. Its all about the fight for them.

Why the Dark Ages? Cause they can't pin anything down exactingly. Many of them fight in Greco-Roman armour, but most, if not all, fight with scutums (tower shields) and short swords, or spears. They're a unit of opportunity, small (12-20) but decisive in their attack. Their superior training, movement, weapons and armour make them a formidable foe.


Founded in 1991 the Orkney Warband is a fighting unit within the Society for Creative Anachronism, an organization dedicated to Medieval Recreation. Since its inception the warriors of this unit have strived to become the best War Fighters in the SCA, as individuals and as a group. Team work has been essential to our success and our reputation has spread around the world.

Within the Society for Creative Anachronism many groups strive to be the best at many things; cooking, camping, costuming, dancing, etc... The Orkneys have chosen War Fighting to be the discipline in which we excel.The Orkneys chose to base our warfare concept after the greatest Infantry units of the ancient world: the Romans. Using their trade mark Large Shield (Scuttum), Short Swords, and Spears, the Orkneys now set to the task of perfecting once again the Art of War.

The founding members of the Orkneys split away from Corvus, another War Band in the Kingdom of Caid, to concentrate solely on the art of war. The original members, George, Brand, Dirk, and Jed were nicknamed the Orkney Lot by Count Balin of Tor, who was the commander of the armies of Caid. Their ferocity and valor reminded him of the four brother knights of King Arthur, Aggravain, Gawain, Gareth, and Mordred, who hailed from the Orkney Isles. Thus the Orkney name came into being and followed the new unit to war.

Many changes have come to The Orkneys in the last decade. The newest additions to the Unit are taking numbers in the thirties. New recruits provide them with the potential for even more members. Older members have become active again; bring with them both the experience of years of fighting and camaraderie, but also a burning within for greatness which is held up as the standard for the newer members. The potential has been tapped. The vision has been shared. The goal is in sight. The sweat continues to pour and the blood is pounding in their ears. Let all who see this be warned. A new force is on the move. You won't be assimilated. We don't want your fealty or your love. We want your corpse.



  • XXVIII - Robaan Grimm


Heroes of Orkney

On Crusade

  • XXXIV - Thadius Marcus Agendus


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