Opening Phrases for Scrolls

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Most of the following opening phrases are from the An Tir Scribal pages Please feel free to add new phrases. Note that some phrases below are designed for the name of the recipient to be in the first sentence; a greeting from the Crown is required in the text (though it does not need to be in the first line). Make sure the text of the scroll flows and contains all the required elements. If you have any questions contact Caid's Scribe Armarius. Contact the Scribe Armarius]


  • All attend these presents (...)
  • All gather and attend these presents (...)
  • All know by these presents that We (...)
  • All shall know (...)
  • All shall know by these presents (...)
  • All shall know that We (...)
  • As is in accord with Our will (...)
  • Attend all gentles and nobles unto whom these presents shall come (...)


  • Beauty and skill go hand in hand and shine forth from the products of ______'s labours and so it is (...)
  • Be it known (...)
  • Be it known to all (...)
  • Be it know to all men (...)
  • Be it known to all by these presents (...)
  • Be it known to all that We (...)
  • Be it known to all unto whom these present letters may come (...)
  • Be it know to all unto whom these presents come (...)
  • By these letters may all men know (...)
  • By this, the will of the Thrones of An Tir be known (...)


  • Come forth good gentles of the Land and know (...)
  • Come forth good and noble gentles and know (...)
  • Come forward all, and know that We (...)
  • Craft displayed at such a high level should be rewarded and so (...)


  • Do all here present pay heed (...)
  • Do ye all hear and tell others that We (...)
  • Due commendations and greetings from (...)
  • Do ye all hear Our words (...)
  • Do ye all hear the words of Our Herald (...)
  • Do ye all listen and tell others (...)
  • Due commendations and greetings (...)
  • Duty and Service are the burdens of Office and when one takes these up, showing such selflessness (...)


  • Each and all shall know (...)
  • Each sovereign is gifted the joy of rewarding the deserving and ______ is such a one (...)
  • Enriching have been the deeds of Our servant ______ (...)
  • Ever gracious, loyal and steadfast (...)
  • Ever minded of the duty and honour of presiding over Our people of An Tir (...)
  • Exaltation and joy mark this day (...)


  • Far and wide though Our subjects may roam, words of their deeds still reach Our ears (...)
  • Forasmuch as We (...)
  • From a passionate heart and gifted hands are born rare and priceless objects (...)
  • From this day onward, let all people know from these presents (...)


  • Gather ye and attend these presents (...)
  • Grace and beauty (...)
  • Great feats of bravery and skill at arms have been displayed by ______ (...)
  • Greetings unto all to whom these presents come (...)


  • Hear ye all these presents (...)
  • Hear ye all and know (...)
  • Heralds proclaim loudly for all to hear Our words so that they may know (...)
  • Here do We (...)
  • Honoured are We ______ and ______, King and Queen of An Tir with the deeds of Our...


  • It is Our prerogative as King and Queen to honor with the title of (...)
  • It is the judgement of the Throne and the peoples' will that great acts shall be rewarded (...)
  • It shall be known to all that (...)


  • Joyful greetings to (...)
  • Joyous is the message of the Angels that shout great news to the world, Listen to their voices and know (...)
  • Jubilation fills An Tir in acknowledgement of ______'s deeds (...)
  • Just as We reflect the glory of the Crown, so do our subjects reflect that glory of An Tir (...)
  • Joy and peace good gentles of the Land (...)


  • King ______ and Queen ______ are minded to (...)
  • Kinship grows from the service one gives to their kingdom (...)
  • Know ye all to whom these presents come (...)
  • Know all men by these presents (...)
  • Know all unto whom these presents come (...)
  • Knowingly and with great joy do We (...)


  • Lesser would be the beauty of Our mighty realm An Tir without the skills of _______ (...)
  • Let all gentles and nobles know by these presents (...)
  • Let All know (...)
  • Let it be known (...)
  • Let it be known unto all (...)
  • Let it be known by all the Land (...)
  • Let all nobles and gentles know by these presents (...)
  • Long are the accolades given to Our subject ______ for accomplishments in service/skill...


  • Make unto (...)
  • May it be known to all (...)
  • May it be told unto all the land (...)
  • May it be proclaimed throughout Our Realm and to the very corners of the knowne world (...)
  • Merciful in battle and skilled of hand are the trademark of ______ (...)


  • Never shall Our Kingdom be darkened while the deeds of Our loyal subject ______ serve Us (...)
  • None may know the true extent of Our pleasure on this day as We now reward Our servant (...)
  • Now let it be known to all (...)
  • Now let all know (...)


  • O come all good people of the Land and know (...)
  • On this ______ day of ________, anno societatis ____ (...)
  • Open wide the gates and proclaim to all (...)
  • Our realm has been mightily enriched by ______ (...)
  • Our subject, ______ (...)
  • Outstanding are the efforts of ______ (...)
  • Oyez, Oyez listen to the words of your King and Queen An Tir (...)


  • Pleasing has been the service/art of ______, Our loyal subject and We are minded (...)
  • Pray let all know (...)
  • Prerogative is Ours in awarding faithful subjects (...)
  • Proclaim Our words so that the people will know (...)
  • Proclaim to all gentles and nobles that (...)
  • Proclaim unto all that (...)


  • Quality has been witnessed in the skills/accomplishments/arts of Our subject ______ (...)
  • Queens' joys are many and so are her burdens, when one comes along who lightens the load (...)
  • Quiet yet stunning have been the arts with which ______ has enriched Our Kingdom (...)
  • Quintessential is the nobility embodied by ______ (...)
  • Quake at these words spoken by Our Herald good gentles of the Land (...)


  • Rally one and all, so that you may know (...)
  • Reflect upon the beauty and craftsmanship that ______ has so kindly given to enrich Our Realm (...)
  • Reflect upon the deeds and accomplishments of ______ who has enriched An Tir by (...)
  • Rejoice good people of the land and hear these words (...)
  • Rejoice good people and hear Our words (...)
  • Righteous are We in Our knowledge that (...)
  • Rightfully do We acknowledge the many and diverse efforts of Our Subject ______ (...)


  • Salutations and greetings (...)
  • Salutations to all unto whom these presents come (...)
  • Selfless actions undertaken without thought of personal gain exemplify the traits displayed by (...)
  • Stunning are the accomplishments of ______ in skill/area that delight Our Realm (...)
  • Surrounded by wonders is the Crown (...)


  • Tales of such deeds as ______, Our noble subject demonstrates, shall be told for aeons (...)
  • Tell one and all (...)
  • Tell one and all that We ______ King and ______ Queen of An Tir do (...)
  • That which graces and enriches Our most fair and wondorous Kingdom (...)
  • The Will of the Thrones be known (...)
  • Those who give of their service to the Kingdom (...)
  • To all and singular to whom these presents shall come, greetin (...)
  • To all and singular unto whom these presents shall come (...)
  • To all unto whom these presents come, greetin (...)
  • Treasured above all else (...)


  • Unselfish is the devotion with which ______, Our loyal servant has enriched Our Realm (...)
  • Unto all to whom these present letters may come (...)
  • Unto all to whom these present letters may come, greeting! Know that We (...)
  • Unto all to whom these presents may come (...)
  • Unto the populace (...)
  • Unworthy would be the Crown if We did not recognize the deeds of ____ (...)


  • Various are the traits that make a good warrior/artisan/servant (...)
  • Verily, it shall be known that (...)
  • Verily, We (...)
  • Vital are the traits and skills with which ____ has enriched An Tir (...)


  • Warm are Our hearts with the works/accomplishments of ______ in serving An Tir (...)
  • We, ______ and ______, King and Queen of An Tir, give you greetin (...)
  • We, ______ King An Tir and _______ Queen An Tir wish to express Our special appreciation to (...)
  • When Our realm is glorified with exemplary deeds, We take notice (...)
  • Whereas We (...)


  • Xanthes had heard of your deeds in ages past (...)


  • Ye all shall know (...)
  • Ye all shall know that We, (...)
  • Yea though Our kingdom is large, the service/deeds/arts of one have stood out (...)
  • Years of service go into the making of any office (...)


  • Zealous have been the services with which ______ has served Our land (...)
  • Zephyr of the air pass the knowledge of Our words (...)
  • Zestful celebration shall mark this _____ day of ______ Anno Societatis, for all shall know (...)