Markheim Invitational Tourney 1976

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Dreiburgen baronial shield.jpg
Caption Needed
Location: Dreiburgen
Brea Dam Project, Fullerton, CA
Date: 06/12/1976

Hosted by House Markheim

Event Staff

Autocrat – Vanessa de Linn


There were challenges and melees and a revel was held in Brea


  • Helmet crests,
  • Tourney axe designs
  • Best recruiting posters


  • Please feel free to add your memories of this event.

More Information

I was told by Sir Waldt von Markheim that the term "Invitational" was tongue-in-cheek. In the mundane world, invitational tournaments were trending and so they took on the name Markheim Invitational Tourney. In fact, anyone was invited. ~ Edwin


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