Leodamus of Thebes Tournament 2007

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Location: Calafia,

Stonehenge Park on the Revelle Campus of UCSD

Date: 8/11/2007

The event Stewards were Edborough Kellie, Talitha Baird, and Siobhan O'Cuolahan.


  • Brief listing of major points of the day

From the Crown Prints

Greetings unto the populace of the Great Kingdom of Caid!

The Barony of Calafia invites one and all to join us in celebrating one of the great founders of our Barony, Leodamus of Thebes, at our annual Leodamus of Thebes Tournament. Escape the heat at UCSD’s shady Stonehenge Park and enjoy a day of fighting, fun and frolic inspired by the Greeks.

Every year at the Leodamus tournament, it is Calafia’s honor to hold the polling for our Leodamus of Thebes award. Leodamus of Thebes was known as a peacemaker in the Barony. This recognition is given in his honor to a Calafian who has put the Barony’s needs above his or her own and works to bring divided groups (or individuals) together. This is a special and rarely given honor. All those Calafians who receive the Serpents Tongue (Calafia’s newsletter) in their homes will be polled.

The theme of the day will be anything and everything Greek. Dress in your best (or worst) Greek garb and compete in our annual ugliest khiton contest! The standard fighting forms of heavies, rapier, archery (yes, archery!), and unarmored will all be fought as blanket tournaments. Drop a prize on the blanket when signing up at lysts. These prizes will be awarded to the days contestants. In the afternoon, there will be a warlord style tournament. In a warlord tournament, the first round is fought as normal, however in the next round, the loser will join the team of the winner. Battle will continue until there are two teams left, with the victorious team becoming the Leodamus WarLord. There will also be youth combat and Lady Kendryth's famous Combat Croquet.

Lunch will not be served at this event.

There will be no site fee for this event; however non-members must still sign site waivers!

Additionally, all minors not accompanied by their parents or legal guardians are required to have notarized minors medical waivers and notarized health waivers, which are available on the kingdom website: www.sca-caid.org under the heading of “Library and Links.”


Preliminary Schedule (more to be added):

  • 8AM Site opens for set-up
  • 10AM (or at Their Excellencies Leisure) Opening Court
    • Lysts close 15 minutes after the end of opening court
  • 11AM Fighting and Contests
    • Heavies, Rapier, Unarmored, Archery, Youth Combat
  • 1PM Lady Kendryth\'s Combat Croquet
  • 2PM Warlord Tournament
  • 4PM Closing Court
  • 5PM Site closes


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