Leodamus of Thebes Tournament 2006

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Location: Calafia,

Stonehenge Park, on the Revelle Campus of UCSD

Date: 08/06/2006

Lady Christel Leake was the event Steward.


  • Brief listing of major points of the day

From the Crown Prints

The Barony of Calafia would like to invite one and all to join us in celebrating one of the great founders of our Barony, Leodamus of Thebes, at our annual Leodamus of Thebes Tournament, on August 6, 2005. Escape the heat at UCSDs shady Stonehenge Park and enjoy a day of fighting, fun and frolic inspired by the Greeks.

Every year at the Leodamus tourney, it is Calafia's honor to hold the polling for our Leodamus of Thebes award. Leodamus of Thebes was known as a peacemaker in the barony. This recognition is given in his honor to a Calafian who has put the Barony's needs above his or her own and works to bring divided groups (or individuals) together. This is a special and rarely given honor. All those Calafians who receive the Serpent's Tongue (Calafia's newsletter) in their homes willl be polled.

The days activities include a Greek-themed heavy weapons tournament (elimination style tbd, bring your Greek-style gear!), rapier and unarmored combat.

We will host a variety of games and contests including:

  • A Greek History Quiz
  • A Name that God or Goddess Quiz
  • Our own variety of SCA style Olympics

And a Costume Contest with a winner in each of the following categories:

  • Most historically accurate in appearance,
  • Best mythical figure/creature, and
  • Ow burn my eyes out that khiton is hideous!


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