Leif Erickson Tournament 2008

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Lunch being served
Location: Calafia,

Stonehenge, UCSD

Date: 10/04/2008

The Stewards of the event were Ellyn of Tanwayour and Siobhan ui Chulachain.


From the Crown Prints

We meet at the traditional bastion of beauty, Stonehenge Park, on the UCSD Campus, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla CA 92093. Take I-5 to La Jolla and exit at La Jolla Village Drive (west). At the 3rd light make a right (Expedition Way); at the 2nd stop sign turn left, then make an immediate right into the parking lot. The site is east of the parking; look for the tree-shaded lawn and the standing stones. And the beautiful pavilions!

Parking is free in any of the GREEN or YELLOW spaces, no others! They will ticket offenders!

The Vikings are coming, quick grab the weapons (they’ll steal them) and the children (they’ll eat them) and RUN FOR YOUR LIVES ---To the safety of STONEHENGE in Calafia where we have the very best Viking Tamers around!!

And whilst we are waiting for the big bad raiders to attack, we will need to keep our minds off the coming danger, so there will be all manner of Fun, Frivolity and Food (Bring your Feast Gear, and your Appetite!) to bring smiles to all faces and encourage the giggling of children (of all sizes . . . . ) We are planning a day of Fun & Fascinating Games, talented artisans demonstrating their crafts, Fabulous Food and just all manner of great things to see and do!

The Warriors who guard us need to work off some of the anticipation of the impending clash, so we will have several challenges that they may show off their prowess and give peace of mind to the populace – no longhair hippie freak Vikings are gonna keep the people of Calafia from enjoying a lovely and safe day! (But actually, when you really think about it, maybe there are, perhaps, one or two cool Viking things to do, and some great foods, and maybe a few good games we might try . . . . It should never be implied that ALL things Viking are bad!!)


  • Site opens at 8:00 a.m. for set up.
  • Opening Court -10:00 a.m.
  • Closing Court -5:00 p.m.
  • Site closes – 6:00 p.m.

Site Fee

$2 for members, $5 for non-members (includes $3 NMS Fee) and non-members must sign a waiver. $15 max for a family. Make checks payable to SCA, Inc/Barony of Calafia.

There will be a delicious $5 Donation Luncheon with something for everyone, including meat-free and wheat-free dishes! The luncheon includes: Fresh Fruit of the season (melon, citrus...), Leak and Cabbage salad with apple cider and honey vinaigrette, a choice of pork or chicken on rosemary skewers, Rice Noodles with white sauce, Hot-off-the-shard Norse Flat Bread, all prepared by our lovely & talented Lord Conal and Lady Agnessa!

Make checks payable to SCA, Inc/Barony of Calafia.

And a few more details

Most sadly, the wonderful merchants are not allowed to peddle their wares, but they are always welcome to join in the relaxing day. No crossbows or blades are permitted, but possibly there will be Archery for those who like to shoot pointy things!

Leif Erickson, we’ll be ready for you!


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