Kara Agnarsdottir

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Kara at Poulsbo (WA) Viking Fest 2006.
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Gyldenholt
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Kara is the daughter of Agnar (A fictional person not a society member); a viking lawspeaker living near Dublin, Ireland (circa 850-900 AD).

When Kara was 8, her mother (a celtic daughter of a local irish tribe; married off to Agnar for political gain) died in childbirth leaving her behind with her father and three older brothers. By the time of Kara was 10 her father had remarried an older woman from Norway named Asny Bjarnarsdottir, who ran a healthy household for 10 years before falling sick during a particularly harsh winter.

Upon Asny's death Kara was 20, (and already widowed by her first husband without having chance to bear any children) still living in her Father's household and being the only woman of proper age and status, she runs her father's household in the ways her beloved stepmother had taught her to.

She enjoys a number of household tasks such as directing servants (Thralls, Slaves, Etc.), crafting in metals, leather, wood and fibers including; Spinning and weaving wool, and sewing quality clothing for her household.

Societal/Mundane Highlights:

In the society, Kara is the Foster-Daughter of Master Sven Redbeard Einarsson (Former Baron of Blatha An Oir in An Tir). and a proud member of The Ormsviking household (In The Barony of Blatha An Oir in the Kingdom of An Tir.)

At Lord Defenders XL/2005 Kara recieved Baroness Anne's Personal Dachsund Favor for her personal service to the Baroness in her time of need.

At Autumn War XLII/2007 Kara recieved her Golden Blossom (The Blatha An Oir Baronial 1st level service award), Baron Sven Redbeard Einnarson's Baron's favor, and the Autumn War Volunteer Award for most individual volunteer hours served at Autumn War.

In September XLII/2007 Master Mischka Ravensfuri took Kara on as an apprentice.

In December XLII/2007 Kara left An Tir in order to join the United Stated Marine Corps.

In April XLII/2008 Kara was discharged from The United States Marine Corps (due to medical reasons) and moved to the Barony of Gyldenholt in the Kingdom of Caid.

In May XLIII/2008 Master Mischka Ravensfuri crossed over the rainbow bridge; Kara will be completing all tasks given to her and continue furthering the skills learned from her master.

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