Jason II and Natalya II

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Jason II and Natalya II

Behind Jason are Conrad von Regensburg and Thin Robert of Lawrence (partial)

Sovereign: Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst
Consort: Natalya Gregorovna of Shadowhyrst
Caid Crown #: 11
Preceded by: Adrian II and Ealasaid
Succeeded by: Kipp and Berengaria

Jason and Natalya were the 11th Crown of Caid. Crown Tourney was held in Altavia and Coronation occurred in Dreiburgen on a very warm June day. The closing court of Adrian and Ealasaid lasted four hours and there was no air-conditioning in the hall. Jason's first act as king was to declare a break in the festivities so that people could go outside and get some only slightly cooler air.

Evening court was held on the lawn on a beautiful summer night. The proceedings were interrupted when the sprinklers went on without warning. The Queen was gifted with a flea fur which spent a portion of court trying to attack the King.

Their Majesties had separate households which enabled them to travel to separate events and bring the Royal presence to more areas of the Kingdom.

Jason II and Natalya II reigned 05/28/1983-11/26/1983.



Royal Whims

  • The Queen forbade lima beans.

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