House of the Wandering Wheel

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Great Western War 2016
Founded: 1998
Status: active
Romani flag.jpg
Colors: Azure, Or, Gold, & Blue.

Foundation of the House

Was founded in 1998 in Calafia by eight young adventurers caught by the gleaming bauble of the nomad lifestyle and a life in the SCA that hearkened back to the days when you couldn't pass by a camp without being hailed in to have a drink. The eight founders took hold of this principles of fun, friendship, and heavy drinking and everything else that came with it. Since its inception, the oasis of fun has grown into a good healthy house, now which supports many fighters and marshals. The exact number of Wandering Wheels is still a mystery since they're unable to count. House of the Wandering Wheel is a traditional family that keeps their ethnic background diverse and full of interesting individuals.


House of the Wandering Wheel is a nomadic Kumpania, (a traveling family) comprised of many small groups that trace their lineage from all over the world, you will find everything from Scots, to Russian, and to Pirate personas in the household of House of the Wandering Wheel. What makes them a warm-welcoming family is their uplifting perception, attitude, and positive ideals on what it means to have a good time. All are welcome to stop by to have a drink, and share in the laughters and great memories that will forever be something to reminisce about.

House Values

  • Having Fun
  • Laughter
  • Drinking
  • Food!

Leadership & Structure

House of the Wandering Wheel places the Rom as the leader of the house. Despite the Rom's leadership, it's not like anyone actually pays attention to him, or really does what he says. Equal to the Rom are the members of the Gold Sashes, they're the leaders of the house and deal with mundane issues. Next in line are the Blue Sashes which indicate those members who have shown an interest in contributing to the overall fun! House of the Wandering Wheel also has annually elected officers that carry out specific house necessities as well as make decisions and offer suggestions for the House. These offices include chairperson, newbie, volunteer, kitchen, quartermaster, camp master, treasurer and starting at our next election will also include a fighter officer.

House Awards

On 11/13/2004, The House of the Wandering Wheel were honored as a fighting unit with the Crossed Swords of Caid.

House Facebook

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