House Muddyfoot, Clan of the Ogres

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Muddyfoot Sign.jpg
Ancient Sign of the Muddyfoot Camp
Founded: July 1996
Status: Active
Muddyfoot Badge.jpg
Fieldless, issuant from a sun Or, in pall inverted a cubit arm maintaining a cup Or and two legs Vert

Ogre motto: "Ogres are loyal... they also lie." "Conare non-sugare" also: "We may not be good, but we'll look good doing it!"


House MuddyFoot, stationed in the now Barony of Wintermist, started back in 1996 at a little war we call Darkwell, in the Tehachapi Mountain region. The household was originally called al-Badia and was founded by our beloved house mother, Lady Kali Raqs Xahar. One of the members of the house mentioned how dirty our feet were from tromping around the site in sandals, and thus the "Muddyfoot Ogres" were born. Every member of the house received their special Ogre name that war, beginning a tradition of Ogre-naming for all new House members. Since then we have developed many traditions, such as the famed Ogremas, which is official anniversary of our clan. We celebrate this at the Treasure Chest event in Nordwache, which usually takes place a few weeks before the SCA New Year.

Ogre Holidays

Quiznos Day: Occurs on February 15th, where you give the gifts of dead animal parts (furs, teeth, meat, bones) to a loved one.

Ogremas: Tradition that began on Friday evening of Treasure Chest when nothing else was going on. The Ogres hold an Ogre egg hunt for the (over-21) attendees of the war. While the hunt is on, Ogres will feast on breads and meats, hold the Reading of the Ballad of the Ogre Hoards (listing the exploits of past and present members), exchange gift of items they have made or found lying around the house, and finally participate in the Ogre-athalon which consists of games such as Pull and Ogre off a Log, or Beat and Ogre off a Log. The winner of the contests becomes the Ogre protector for the year.

Current and Past Members



To Become a Member: One must express an interest in membership with the House Mother, then attend two wars with the clan, helping with set up and break down of the camp, pick up after oneself, and generally proving oneself loyal.

More Information

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