Gyldenholt Unbelted 2013

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Location: Pacifica High School, 6851 Lampson Ave. GArden Grove, CA 92845
Date: 01/19/2013

Gyldenholt Unbelted 2013

Event Staff

Event Steward: Sigbiorn Sigmundarson


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From the Crown Prints

Site: Pacifica High School, 6851 Lampson Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92845

Directions to the event:

WESTBOUND – Take CA-22 (from I-5) and take exit 7 towards Goldenwest St/Knott St. Turn LEFT at Garden Grove Blvd. Take the first RIGHT on Goldenwest St/Knott St. Turn LEFT at Lampson Ave. The school will be on your RIGHT.

EASTBOUND (405/605) – Take CA 22 East and take exit 7 towards Goldenwest St/Knott St. Turn LEFT at Garden Grove Blvd. Take the first LEFTon Goldenwest St/Knott St. Turn LEFT at Lampson Ave. The school will be on your RIGHT.

Event description: The Barons of Gyldenholt invite you to join them in celebrating the skill, valor, and the honor of the Unbelted Armored Combat Fighters of Caid. Gyldenholt’s Annual Unbelted Tournament will once again be held at Pacifica High School (6851 Lampson Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92845) on January 19th, 2012. Combat will be a single elimination style tournament. A second life may be gained with submission of an Arts and Sciences entry or a period bardic piece. Entries will be on display for the Populace to enjoy in a static display. After submission Fighters will be given a token to give to the list officer, redeeming their second life. There will also be a “Most Well Rounded Fighter of the Day” competition for fighters that wish to participate. Fighters are asked to participate in each of the days’ events (A&S, Bardic, Chivalry, and the Heraldry & Viking Quiz). Sign up at the List table. Other Contests of the Day: The Arts and Sciences theme of the day is “Viking Invasion.” There will be three different contests (Beginner, Apprentice, and People’s Choice.) All entries will be displayed for the public. Bardic Judges look forward to hearing your War Songs, Poems, and Prose throughout the day. Again, extra points will be given for period style and documentation. The Populace will be given the opportunity to learn embroidery based on a pattern provided by the Barony. There will be a beginner and advanced category and entries will be judged. Supplies will be provided by the Barony. There will be a quiz on Viking culture. On the back of the quiz will be an opportunity to draw your heraldry or of something close to you (Consort, Household, Barony, etc.) and then describe it in proper terms. Lunch will be provided for a nominal fee. Gyldenholt’s Rapier Community will be providing a light breakfast of muffins, bagels, and other assorted pastries to raise money for loaner gear. Coffees and teas will also be available throughout the day.

Site fee(s): The gate fee is $7 for members and $12 for non-members. There will be no site fee for children 9 and under.

Make check payable to: SCA Inc./Make checks payable to “SCA Inc./Barony of Gyldenholt”

Merchant Information: Merchants are welcome, contact the event steward for more info.

Additional Information The site opens at 8:00am with Court beginning at 10:00am (at TRM pleasure). The days’ events will begin shortly after court. The site closes at 6:00pm. This is a dry site. No smoking is allowed on school grounds. Pets are not allowed on site.


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