Griffin Freehold

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The folks of the freehold
Founded: 1967
Status: Active
Sable, a griffin segreant to sinister surmounting a twin-towered castle Or.

The Right Noble Griffin FreeholdRRE had its inception in A.S.II (1967), but only consisted of John ap Griffin, Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (then Bjo of Griffin), Kathryn du Griffin & Lorissa du Griffin, i.e., our immediate family.

Later, we opened the Freehold to members outside the immediate family; Sir Robear du Bois was the first. The badge for the Freehold was registered in about A.S. XII (3/78).

When the Freehold came back from a long slumber about 2003, more members joined the ranks. We include fighters in all combat forms, a bunch of youngsters growing up in the SCA and 7 dogs :) After Years of running the Freehold, John & Flavia turned the helm over to their daughter Lorissa, who now maintains the same standards they established in the 70s.

The formal motto of the Freehold is: Service comes from being clear about the larger goal and committing to that goal, first and foremost.

The informal one is: "Get your funny hat on, we're going to Disneyland!"

The Griffin Freehold was granted a charter as the first Right Noble household of Caid by Edward III and Mora III on November 5, 2011.