Great Western War 2018

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Great Western War XXI (2018)
Location: Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area, Taft, CA
Date: 10/02/2018-10/08/2018
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Once there was a war…

A lot of marvelous stories start with, “Once there was a war…” including one in which some fighters and heralds and marshals and other officers got together and decided, “You know, the people of Caid deserve an event worthy of the Known World. Let’s put together a war where people from the West, Atenveldt, Outlands, An Tir, and other realms near and far will come and fight battles that are conceived (and even set up!) in advance, rekindle friendships, share passion and knowledge, and recount tales around the campfire that start with, “Once there was a war…”

The stars are turning toward Great Western War XXI. New friends, new adventures, and new tales are waiting. Come join us October 2-8, 2018 at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area, 13601 Ironbark Road, Taft, CA 93268 for the premier camping event in the Kingdom of Caid, SCA. Any and all are welcome!



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