Gallavally Anniversary 1990

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Location: Valley Wide Regional Park in San Jacinto
Date: 03/10/1990

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

Gallavally Anniversary
Medieval Irish Celebration
With Natural Dyes and Dance Wokkshops
March 10, 1990

The Canton of Gallavally will be hosting a medieval style tournament in celebration of medieval Ireland and Scotland at Valley Wide Regional Park on Esplanade in the City of San Jacinto. The theme will be Wild Irish and Highland Scot, with a heavy emphasis on the great and renown accomplishments of the Celtic Bards, Artisans and Warriors. There will be sinning, story telling, a heavy weapons lists, and a great weapons melee, so ready your Claymores, Lacabres, Great Axes, Pikes and Bills.

Members of Cal MacColin will stage Pike drills, and there will be dance workshops by members of the Maoiledeigh School of Irish Dance. There will be a helm auction for a Tourney Chest, and a Silent Arts Auction for some of the finest crafts within the Known World. There is a quiet revel planned at the home of the Autocrat, and crash space will be available. Fro more information contact the autocrat.

Natural Dyes Workshop

If you would like to scientifically produce hundreds of beautiful and exciting colors and would like to produce them with accuracy, then this workshop is for you. Participants will take home over 300 samples in wools and silk, and copious notes will be provided.

The Natural Dyes Workshop will begin promptly at 10:00 am Saturday and end in the late afternoon. Attendance is limited to 20 participants so preregistration is a must! Quiet spectators will be allowed. Materials fee is $10.00

Textiles Symposium

Symposium of the Textile Arts of 15th and 16th Century Ireland and Scotland

March 11, 1990

At Buckboard Ranch in Valle Vista, near Hemet. Admission will be $2.00
Questions and comments from the Symposium Attendees will be encouraged. Handout materials will be available Mearchants will be selling Textile and costumimg related products.

Program Schedule: 8:30 – Hall Opens
9:00 – Introduction and Welcomes
9:30 – “Resources and Raw Materials”

  • a. Spinners aspect
  • b. Availability and commercial

10:30 – Dyes and Dyestufft
11:30 – Fabric Structure and weaving
12:00 – Lunch
1:30 – Tools of the Trade
2:30 – Clothing, Costume and Accessories

  • a. Wild Irish and Highland

3:00 – Clothing, Costume and Accessories

  • a. Anglo-Irish and Lowland, Gentry
  • b. Embroidery

4:00 Open questions and discussion
5:00 End Symposium: Go see merchants
7:00 Hall closes (we have the hall until 9:00)

(From the event Flyer): Guest Lecturers:

  • Michell Rene' Kenny: Michell is an experienced spinning and dyeing instructor. She has taught at Soar, an international spinners' conference, and she is the owner of The Yard Peddler, a company specializing in Spinning Fibers and Accessories and Custom Yarns.
  • Janet Cornwell: Janet has been involved in historical reenactment research for over 13 years. Her specialties include card weaving and netting. She has biven talks on Cloth Making and Waulking Songs at the Pacific Highland Games in Chino.
  • Steve Gillan: Steve is the Chief of the Clan MacColin, a 16th century Irish and Scottish reenactment organization. He has been involved with historical reenactment for 26 years, and has been special guest lecturer at Cal Arts in Pasadena.
  • Maggie Pierce (Máirghréad Ros FitzGarret of Desmond): Maggie is a ten year member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. She has taught Irish Costume classes for the Collegium Caidis, and is costume coordinator for St. George's Guild of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire.
  • Elizabeth Roderick: (tent.) Liz has performed Living History at Fairs and in the public classroom, including "sheep to coat" demonstrations. She has worked with the LSC, Revolutionary War and Fur Trade Era reenactment groups. She is a student of Anthropology, specializing in Textiles.


Heavy Weapons Lists

Great Weapons Melee

Awards Given


The Clan MacColin was invited by the autocrat to demonstrate pike drills and formations at the Anniversary event. This caused some controversy since the pikes had metal (most of them lead) points. The Marshal, Bhaltar, insisted that no steel be used in his Field, even if it was not combat. The Clan MacColin complied by using pointless pikes, which they then named, "Bhaltars". These events were difficult pieces of work. Bringing in non-SCA people did not seem to please some SCA folks, and several of the experts I brought in for the symposium didn't like each other. The experts were quite respectful and professional at the event, however. The event was not well-attended and it lost money, mostly mine. But the events were valuable none-the-less and I am glad they happened. - Eadwynne of Runedun


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