Festival of St. Corrigan 2004

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Location: Gallavally
Hurkey Creek Park in Mountain Center
Date: 08/07/2004

Festival of St. Corrigan

Event Staff

Event Stewards:

From the Crown Prints

St Corrigan’s Day in Gallavally
August 7, 2004

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It’s time again to celebrate the return of our beloved St. Corrigan to our fair canton of Gallavally! (Apparently, however, it seems he allied himself with a band of wondering gypsies who actually knew where they were going and will be arriving sooner than originally planned).
Our Saint’s day will this year be held la last years beautiful site:
Hurkey Creek Park Located in the cool mountains of Idyllwild
He has, as requested, traveled throughout the land looking for games and merriment to bring back and share, but it would seem that his way is not the only thing Corrigan has lost, for when we asked our dear St. to go forth and return with games and tales from the known world, he heard “games and tales from the gnome world”! So thtis years competitions will include:

  • Best gnome trap (our canton has a wee bit of a problem)
  • Best gnome hat
  • The best edible representation of a gnome home

and yes

  • The Gnome Toss!

We also have competitions in Bowl-ing (bring your own bowl for an extra toss), Hunkerhouser (both combat and non), and table games

There will be combat scenarios for both singles and teams in Heavies, Rapier and even a little something for combat archery. For the youth of the kingdom, there will be Youth boffer combat and activities. We will holding a Silent Auction/Raffle to help off set the high cost of the park. The event stewards ask, no beg, for donations to make this event as successful as last year. The generosity shown in last years donations was inspiring indeed!
Finally there will be a prize for the family or gentle that travels the farthest to come and play.

Schedule for the Day:

  • 8:00 am – Site Opens
  • 6:00 pm – Site Closes


  • Leave your memories here.


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