Festival of St. Corrigan 1993

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Location: Gallavally
Rancho San Jacinto Park
Date: 09/11/1993

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St. Corrigan’s was held on September 11, 50 people attended including 15 fighters

From the September Crown Prints

Tournament of St. Corrigan

September 11, 1993

Once again the Canton of Gallavally is holding this strictly serious, somber event with such somber, staid competitions as Pin the Tail on the Knight, Icelandic Shot put, and Sheep Stuffing. Well… maybe it’s not all that serious!
So come on down on September 11, 1993 to Gallavally’s traditionally un traditional games tourney in honor of our patron saint St. Corrigan the Lost.
Opening court is scheduled for 10:00 a.m., and Closing Court at 6:00 p.m. The fighting, fun, and frivolity will be held at Rancho San Jacinto Park and will feature the following:

  • Double Elimination Tourney!
  • Map Melee (killeveryone else to grab their pieces of the map)!
  • Best Artifact of St. Corrigan the Lost (who discovered Gallavally by accident)!
  • Empty Sheep Stuffing!
  • Icelandic Ice Toss!
  • Trivia Quiz!
  • Pin the Tail on the (blindfolded) Knight!
  • Board Games (so you don’t get bored)!
  • One particularly nasty rumor has it that the famed and feared Gallavally Dragon is planning to sneek in! This loathsome reptile threatens to capture innocent lords and ladies who’ll have to be rescued! Horrors!
  • Revel in the evening!

Site fees for the day is $2.00 per person


  • Heavies Winner: Dante Wight


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