Festival of St. Corrigan 1989

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Location: Gallavally
Valley Wide Park in San Jacinto
Date: 09/30/1989

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From the Crown Prints

Festival of St. Corrigan

The good people of Gallavally, under the kind protection of St. Corrigan, invite the people of Caid to come join in a celebration in honor of our patron saint. The celebration will be at Valley Wide Park in San Jacinto
This will be a day of Fun and Games. Participants will be on teams including fighters smalls and ladies, There will be a variety of fighting events with peculiar twists to be announced at the event.
Games will include, but not limited to: jacks, marbles, egg toss, arrow/dart toss, bean bag toss, backgammon and cathedral
“Pin the tail on the Knight” is expected to be popular with the fighters.
Other competitions will include: best death, SCA trivia quiz, design arms (the heraldic type) for our Dear Saint.
There will be token prizes for the winner of each event. Points will be awarded to each team for placing in each event. The team with the most points at the end of the day will be winners of the Grand Prize.
There will be a revel following a dinner break. The damp site is Simpson Neighborhood Center. The Revel will include dancing, barding, gaming, etc.

Schedule for the day

  • 8:30 am – Set up begins
  • 9:15 am – Team signups open
  • 10:00 am – Opening court
  • 10:30 am – Games begin
  • 5:00 pm – Closing court
  • 6:00 pm – Revel site opens
  • 6:30 pm – Revel begins


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Festival of St. Corrigan 1990

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