Festival of Feast and Song 2012

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Location: 333 South Valley View Boulevard, Las Vegas NV 89107
Date: 1/28/2012

Event Steward: Mistress Aoibheall an Sionnach


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From the Online Calendar

Calling all bards, minstrels, minnesingers, troubadors, gleemen, jongleurs, seanachies, filis, skops, and skalds! The Barony of Starkhafn bids you welcome, and invites you to share your talents in a one-night celebration of the bardic arts in Caid. Help us drive the cold winter away and celebrate the first stirrings of spring, with an evening of revelry, feasting, tall tales, and timeless tunes.

Starkhafn’s Festival of Feast and Song will take place on Saturday, January 28, at the Springs Preserve, 333 South Valley View Boulevard, Las Vegas NV 89107. The site opens at 4:00pm with period games and a musical jam session. The feast and bardic begins at 6:00pm, and continues until the site closes at 11:00pm.

In keeping with the season, the feast menu features the hearty foods that could have been stored and prepared during the long, cold winter:

Salmon and cheese spread with toasted bread
Barley pottage with root vegetables and stewed beef
Sausage with roasted vegetables
Leeks and onions
Roasted apples with a crust of sweet oatmeal

If you have any food allergies or dietary concerns, please contact Mistress Melisande de Frayne, feast steward.


The site fee is $10 for adult members; $5 for youths aged 12 and under; little ones aged 2 and younger are guests of the Barony. A $5 non-member surcharge will be assessed for adults without proof of membership. Please make all checks payable to “SCA, Inc/Barony of Starkhafn”.


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