Fall Crown Tournament 2016

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Caption Needed
Location: Calafia
Date: 09/17/2016

Please join Their Majesties in Calafia as Their sons and daughters compete to determine who is most worthy to follow in Their footsteps as heir to the thrones of Caid.

Count Agrippa Morris, fighting for Countess Bridget Lucia Mackenzie defeated Omar ibn Haroun Al-Askari Al-Rumi in the final round.

Event Staff

  • Event Steward: THL Magge Rose (fallcrown @ sca-caid.org)


From the Kingdom Calendar

(Personal information removed)

Those wishing to enter the lysts for the tournament must meet the eligibility requirements to fight for the honor of their consort. Letters of Intent must be submitted per Kingdom Law by 3 September 2016. Rules of combat to be announced at a later date.

There will be a procession of combatants and consorts prior to challenges.

10 AM - opening court or at Their Royal Majesties' leisure 11 AM - Presentation of consorts and challenges 5 PM - Presentation of heirs and closing court

The site opens at 8:30 AM on Saturday and we must be off the site by 5:00 PM.

In anticipation of a "pleasantly" warm day, instead of a luncheon fresh fruit and veggies, cheeses, crackers and other snack items will be circulated around to attendees throughout the day.

Site Location: Allied Gardens Recreation Center, 5155 Greenbrier Ave, San Diego, CA 92120, (619) 235-1129


  • From the North, take your favorite freeway to Interstate 8 East. Exit on Waring Rd. Follow Waring to Greenbrier Ave.
  • From the East, take your favorite freeway to Interstate 8 West. Exit on Waring Rd. Follow Waring to Greenbrier Ave.

Parking is available on the street, in the recreation center parking lot, and in school parking lot adjacent to the park.

Dogs are welcome but must be leashed at all times.

  • Non-member event registration: $15.00
  • Member discount event registration: $10.00
  • Youth event registration age 14-17: $5.00
  • Youths 13 and under are guests of the Barony


  • Leave your memories here.


More Information

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