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The Ladz at Great Western War 2009
Founded: September 1997
Status: Active
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Sable, a castle argent masoned sable with an increscent sable on the archway

Dun Tyr is a royalist war band located in two locations, that of the original group in the Kingdom of Trimaris, and the western group, in the Barony of Calafia. It was founded by Duke Sir Aaron brec Gordon in Trimaris, and was brought to the Kingdom of Caid with the blessing of their graces by the Honorable Lord Johnathon Whitehart. The Calafian branch of Dun Tyr fights as a part of the Army of Caid in the Iron Brigade. It is currently led by THL Jonathan Whitehart.

Dun Tyr was awarded the Crossed Swords in 07/29/2000.


Fighting Style

The fighting style of Dun Tyr has gone through several iterations over time. At the peak of the household, Dun Tyr used to field several groups called Lances, which would act as fire teams, and were assigned specific purposes. Unfortunately, the household went through a period where it lost many of it's members, and subsequently, began to fight as a single, shield wall style unit, albeit a spear-heavy one.

Currently, they are attempting to rebuild, and have began to reconstruct Lances, as the population begins to grow again. However, at the moment, due to lack of training, it is still fighting as a single unit, although they tend to be fast moving, pinning enemies down, and creating holes for the rest of the Army.

The Ladz

Hearth Guard



  • Jean of Dun Tyr
  • Lord Tarcius
  • Nigel
  • Alex


  • Subatai
  • Abby

Children of Dun Tyr

  • Nauwynn
  • Jonathan Khan
  • Eva
  • Sam
  • Brielle
  • Jameson

Inactive Members


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