Dreiburgen Yule 2011

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Caption Needed
Location: Dreiburgen
All Saints Episcopal Church in Riverside
Date: 12/03/2011

Sat, December 3, 2011, 4pm – 11pm, All Saints Episcopal Church, 3847 Terracina Dr, Riverside, CA

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

A Casual Yule Celebration

Come have a great time!

Food is something people have asked me about so here it is. We are not having a sit-down feast. Its a cocktail party. We are having three tiers of food. Snacks, Dinner, and Dessert. Snacks will be set out when site opens and be available throughout. Snack items can be simple of period depending on your moods.

Dinner items should be small items that can fill a small plate, but not whole birds or beasts. Things people can take a few of and keep on milling about. Meatballs, pigs-in-blanket (maiali in coperte), and other snack/finger-food items. I am sure some of you medieval foodies can come up with something suitable for dinner items! hint-hint

The final tier will be dessert items. I'm sure there is SOMEONE in Dreiburgen that can make sweet stuff people will like? poke poke

Unlike usual pot-lucks, where a dish should serve 8, this format is a bit broader and I would suggest that food contributions should aim at serving 12 or more.

Master Donal will be handling drink items as well as the Toys for Tots stuff. THL Mary will be the onsite Food Czarina. She will be running the food set up onsite.

The event will be a loud one! Bring your noise makers, clackers, kazoos, drums, and tin whistles! And we will give you more too. Lets wake the neighbors and shake the heavens!

There will be games throughout the day. As well as masterclass baubling for the expert and the new players! Papal beads will be available! Feel free to bring Chess, backgammon, and other games.

Their Excellencies have asked for donations to Toys for Tots rather than presentations. Perhaps we can make presentations of our Toys for Tots? Lets show what a big heart our fine barony has!

We would like a to have a loud night! To that end i hope everyone with musical leanings will come share their talents. We will be having a Bard of Dreiburgen competition. We will also need background music throughout the evening


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