Dreiburgen Yule 2001

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Dreiburgen baronial shield.jpg
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Location: Dreiburgen
Buckhorn Camp in Idyllwild
Date: 12/15/2001

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

Dreiburgen Yule

High atop a wind-swept mountain, deep within the hart of Dreiburgen, Their Excellencies Uilliam and Luighseach invite one and all to share their stores and Combat the mild yet bracing winter wind with laughter and fellowship during this Yule season.

The gentle weather has inspired those martially minded to engage in spirited displays of chivalry and courtesy. The fine Locale lends incentive for others to exhibit their artistic endeavors or share their knowledge of all subjects artificial and scientific. And by the grace of Their Excellencies larder, a feast shall be prepared to tantalize and appease the palate and state the appetite!

Come and join these merry members of the populace at Buckhorn Camp near the beautiful mountain hamlet of Idyllwild. The site is discreetly wet; please remove all original containers from the campground.

For heavy fighters, there will be a Pas d’Armes with a contest for best crest, torse, and mantling. The rapier fighters will ‘play the prize’ and have “Yule inspired” insult contest. There are to be classes and demos during the day for those less combat oriented on topics such as majolica ceramics, pottery, early period history, pyrography, glassware, and more. There will be European dance classes during the day in the hall by Mistress Robynne the Grey. The populace is strongly encourage to bring any and all heraldic banners for the feast hall.

Schedule of the Day

  • 9:00 am – Site opens
  • 10:00 am – Opening Court (at Their Excellencies Whim)
  • 4:00 pm – Closing Court (at Their Excellencies Whim)
  • 5:00 pm – Feast then Dancing/Bardic etc.
  • 10:30 pm – Site Closes (or one retires to ones cabin or main hall)

Feast Menu

1st Course:

  • Assorted breads and cheses
  • Flavored butters
  • Salad of mixed greens

2nd Course:

  • Norwegian pasties
  • Soup of leek and split peas
  • Mediterranean bread

3rd Course:

  • Rosted Kid with sweet pepper sauce
  • Saffron rice pilaf
  • sweet red cabbage

4th Course:

  • Smoked pork with plum sauce
  • Honey glazed carrots
  • Herbed green beans with almonds

5th Course:

  • Pears and apples in a syrup Flambe’
  • Shortbread with a cinnamon cream sauce


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