Drafen War Band

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Lemming War Band
Founded: 1979
Status: Active
Drafn device.gif
Gules, a raven-headed wyvern displayed counter-ermine.

Drafn is a warband in the SCA, in the kingdom of Caid, in the barony of Calafia (San Diego, California). "Drafen War Band" is the registered name of the group, however they prefer to use the spelling "Drafn".

Drafn was formed in 1979 and specializes in recreating the Norse culture. Its goals are to promote the SCA, to provide the kingdom with a well-equipped fighting unit composed of gentle persons, to provide a lively and interesting picture of the Varangian Guard and Norse culture, to promote the art of Rattando, to sustain a period encampment of the Viking Age, and to have parties.

Drafn is a contraction of the old Norse words "dreki" and "rafn" (dragon and raven). Lady Chloe designed the wyvern-like emblem that we carry on our shields. At least two Medieval towns, one on the Oslo Fjord in Norway and another on the banks of the Volga River in Russia were named Drafn. The names mean something like "place where driftwood washes up on the shore."

Drafn is not a secret society or an exclusive social clique. Membership is open to anyone of good character who shares the group's interests. Drafn also publishes a monthly newsletter with articles of interest to its membership, "Runestones."

The Drafn Warband was awarded the Crossed Swords in 05/31/1986 and 05/23/2003.

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